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  1. wow, that sounds great. can't wait to hear more. thanks, al.
  2. right on. do you guys have any documentation re: changes/fixes/improvements for 3.0 or is it still too much of a WIP to disclose?
  3. i do have it installed (having to do some QA testing with work-related nonsense in ie9) - i'll just ignore the flashing for now thanks!
  4. has anyone run into an interface corruption issue in Windows 7 x64 (or any other os) wherein the immunet pro UI flashes white while scanning, each time it updates the last file scanned? I thought it might be related to my graphics adapter's driver, but it continues to do it even after updating it. It only affects the main UI. attached a screenshot of the affected element
  5. when you removed IP before reinstalling, when prompted asking whether you'd be installing IP again, did you click yes or no? it's possible that if you clicked "no" that IP disabled plus features thinking you'd exceeded the trial period or something (just guessing)
  6. wow, that's weird. the lack of access to a trial of plus sounds to me like maybe you somehow ended up with an older version or something. what version of IP are you running now?
  7. out of curiosity, when you run services.msc and look at immunet, then right click > properties -- what's the path for agent.exe? i ran into an issue where the upgrade didn't properly change the path on the services entry to the new install's folder, which led to the same disconnected condition you're seeing. i had to remove it fully (click no, i don't want to reinstall immunet) then reinstall it again from scratch.
  8. using the contact us > submit virus sample > fill out form, attach file, submit - it gives what i interpret as a 404 (no actual http code) then redirects back to immunet.com, but inside the frame that displayed the submission form to begin with. on that submission form, using "title" before "name" and "last name" fields is sort of unclear, since title is also "mr, ms, mrs etc" and in the case of your form, your systems use it as the subject (which would probably make a better field name in this case )
  9. Link to AV-C Published a few hours ago.
  10. or adding behavior to crosscheck whether a directory has already been scanned so the scan agent doesn't hang up following the same junction points over and over. but yeah, that's exactly what this is. it's following the symlinks over and over instead of realizing it had already scanned the content within the directory. @orlando: it's not a permissions issue. like i said in that thread, other products handle it. i wouldn't call it a "microsoft problem", either, since it's an implementation issue with immunet. if immunet either had an option to ignore symlinks like markusg suggests or it had some stateful mechanism or fingerprinting to tell the scanner "oh hey, i already scanned this path during this operation" instead of "oh hey, look another application data path. and another. and another. and another. and another" ad nauseum, then there wouldn't be an issue. i also think that this discussion belongs in that thread, rather than this one since al was just inquiring as to why i made a comment about immunet support, not to rehash the issue in the ticket. i'd still like to hear something from support about it. if it's not something they can replicate, i'd be happy to send them any diagnostic info they need.
  11. hey al, i've submitted FPs and a ticket regarding a recursion issue with %appdata% and never received a response. FPs were submitted the first week of august and are still detected (they're realtek driver components), and i submitted a forum post first (because of the delay in ticket response via email, i figured someone would see it in the forum since it's so active) regarding the recursion issue and then a ticket (after waiting 2 weeks, ticket #818) the FPs are actually what led me to notice the issue with %appdata%, where it detects a threat (in this case, the aforementioned realtek driver component extracted to a folder by its installer) in one of the folders in %appdata% in a weird recursive fashion and continues scanning until it's aborted (i had it scan 2+ million files in appdata over the course of 8 hours before i killed it.) - http://forum.immunet.com/index.php?/topic/264-bad-file-path-indicated-in-agent/ i ended up needing to uninstall immunet because i couldn't actually complete a scan, since it would hang and scan the appdata directory in an unending fashion. this is behavior i've seen on my desktop and laptop, both of which run windows 7 x64. thanks, chris
  12. yeah, nice to see. just wish they'd work on their support a bit...it's pretty hit and miss.
  13. what version of windows are you running on the affected machines?
  14. well, i've used lots of different security software in testing for work (vista & w7 environment) and this sort of recursion cascade hasn't occured with any of the other suites or standalone products i've tried (including kaspersky, norton, mcafee, comodo, prevx, vipre, etc) so it's just a matter of figuring out how to keep the scanning agent from doing it. i bet they'll figure something out.
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