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  1. jrm271: Thanks for the feedback. Looks like neither of us have had much luck with getting a response from Immunet.
  2. I am having the same problem on a PC running XP SP3. Has this issue been resolved yet? I sent a report (with log file as suggested in last post) to Immunet at end-December, but have not yet had any response. Many thanks in advance for help.
  3. Has anybody received responses from emails sent to Immunet Support? I've had a couple of issues with upgrading to the latest version of Immunet and I've created support cases for them, but aside from an automated response giving me a case number, I've had no response. Has anybody else has this problem? For info the problems I am having are: 1. I have been running Immunet 3.0 successfully on my PC for some time; however I have been unable to update it to the latest 3.05 version, as each time it tries to update I get the BSOD. I tried updating from within Immunet a number of times - all failed. I then deleted Immunet, downloaded the installer from your website and tried to reinstall - again failure (and I am now without Immunet on my system) This is occuring on a PC running XP SP3 32-bit. 2. On my other PC running Windows 7 64-bit, Immunet is running OK, but each time I boot up my PC, Immunet opens in a window complete with a dialog box that asks me to login. I input my email and password and select login - and nothing happens. The dialog box remains open until I explicitly close it. I did not have this problem with the previous version (it just opened silently in the background).
  4. RobT, Thanks for the info. Since turning off ClamAV I haven't had the problem, so may wait until the final release before I update from the current version. Cheers
  5. Many thanks for the suggestions. Turning off the ClamAV engine seems to have solved the problem. CPU usage has returned to normal levels. The issue I noticed with the 100% CPU usage was that it wasn't just at boot-up; it continued even hours later when I was trying to use the PC (especially during downloading) making the PC almost unusable. Is it a bug in ths latest release? Many thanks for your help and with solving the problem
  6. I've noticed a problem which I believe is associated with the latest version of Immunet. When I try and download any type of file (e.g. a bittorrent using Vuze, or a podcast using iTunes) I find that my CPU load goes to 100% and that the process most of the CPU is agent.exe. As a result my PC becomes virtually unusable until the download is completed (which takes a lot longer due to the 100% CPU load). The only agent.exe file I can find on my PC appears to associated with Immunet 3.0. Can you please advise how I can stop this 100% usage? I am running XP Home SP3, and also have Comodo Firewall and Avast AV (v6) installed. Also, I notice on booting up my PC that there is a small window (like a web or dialog box) open with Immunet as the header, but otherwise blank. It remains there until I physically close it. Many thansk ina dvance for the help.
  7. Since I upgraded to the latest version of Immunet, I now get a blank window opening up (with the Immunet logo in the title bar) every time I boot up my PC. It's not a big issue as I just have to click on the "close" box to remove it, but it wasn't there in previous versions, and doesn't seem to be doing anything - it's just blank. Is there any way in which I can stop it from appearing? Cheers
  8. Since upgrading to the latest version of Immunet I seem to be getting a number of possible false positives related to Avast antivirus files. The files are .tmp files found in C:\windows\temp\avast\ and have files names like unp***.tmp where *** is a multi-digit number such as: unp10320175.tmp or unp192631802.tmp. It is either coming up with a "quarantine failed" error or "quarantine successful" error and indicates that it is a "Clam.trojan.FakeAV-393" file. Are these false positives or true malware? If false, should I just let Immunet continue to quarantine or should I restore? Cheers
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