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  1. I used KIS for almost 10 years, so, i have in-depth experience with kaspersky products and know them very well. I would never harm any program developer but the truth is truth and at this level it must speak out and it's fact. In the beginning it worked well !!! but when started to use Immunet when it was still Immunet, KIS started to quarantine Immunet detections and temp folders, all of them. Guess what the famous user friendly policy of KIS turned different, unfortunately. The problem with this behavior was that the pc SLOOOOOWED DOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWN radically (a power pc). I even had backdoors. Then i asked for refund and changed to Norton 360 and now i run IPP and N 360. If IPP would offer a complete Internet Security Suite service, I think that I would use it alone. Before I changed from KIS to N 360, i was reading the 1st and 2nd from this list: ISS review. Just to note to my choice. If you are not familiar with firewalls, choose the 1st or 2nd. Why? Because N 360 isn't stealth all ports by default. This you have to do manually and it could be tricky if you don't know which program to use for ports status detection. The N 360 is enabling File and Printer sharing. Users can disable this feature easily. Basically, you have tasks to do to secure your incoming and outgoing UDP/TCP connection. After this N 360 users will be very safe just like those who choose the 1st and 2nd program from the review list. Now, i have smaller problems with N 360, which are very rare but all can be solved easily after you familiarize yourself with the program features and where they are within the program. PS: if you put Immunet in KIS's exclusion list, unfortunately, it won't help. Besides, just take a look in the KIS's traffic monitoring module and will see that they are still taking out Immunet's files... Vik
  2. Hi Guys, I have an issue that is strange and suspicious. Earlier i changed from KIS to Norton 360 because something similar was done by KIS and this is not ethical! It's becoming more and more frequent. Norton quarantines and sends the Clamtmp files form the Program Files library of ClamAV to themselves. It started with few seconds delayed reaction of Norton's virus engine to Immunet's (ClamAV's) virus detection engine's action. Now almost all Clamtmp files are quarantined by Norton 360. Norton says: Heuristic Virus - Suspicius AD. c:\program files\immunet\clamav\temp\clamtmp\clamav-07270a13f96ecd0c88edab6ad4aae61c clamav-07270a13f96ecd0c88edab6ad4aae61c Fájl: c:\program files\immunet\clamav\temp\clamtmp\clamav-07270a13f96ecd0c88edab6ad4aae61c Viktor
  3. Hey Guys, An important notice. I am doing this checking since the release of 3.0. Immunet detects but is unable to quarantine the trojans and viruses. After I switch the ClamAV engine on, the same malwares are successfully quarantined. I repeated these steps many times and the result is the same. Vik
  4. Sourcefire is an excellent company Watasha and the drop in the ocean means the cloud computing because in PC environment cloud computing is really the best solution comparing to other technologies! There are ideas, products that are very small in terms of financial investments or they are very new on the market. Venture Capital was born exactly for helping these small, tiny high risk rate projects to show their potentials. Immunet with those few brains behind realized something that will change the non-military cyber security for the ordinary users like you, your friends, me, etc., even if you work for/in a company. I am very happy that Sourcefire and Immunet are now one company. In the past more than 1 year Immunet introduced a technology that keeps the malware away of our PCs. As their knowledge and experience developed, less and less malware were detected in our PCs. That's a fact. United we win but alone we certainly fail. It's a Patrnership! With the Sourcefire's background Immunet's know-how will show its potential and everybody will gain "profits". Sourcefire who owns Immunet, Immunet as a whole project with it's formal employees, all the end-users who are using and who will use this product. Oitoma! Genki de ne...
  5. Yes, the ClamAV icon is not the best. I would love to see Immunet continuing its success whether it was acquired by Sourcefire or not. Immunet should be the flagship of your work. It's a good start-up. When we read on a Mercedes the it's a Brabus Mercedes, we immediately think that's it's something special and we don't think about Mercedes but Brabus who pimped it pretty well both visually and technically. If Immunet is powered by ClamAV then we may associate the software with ClamAV. I don't think that deep in your heart you want this. I understand that it's complicated situation. Mercedes let Brabus things go hand because they got their Money after someone acquiring a Mercedes. I was driving Brabus Mercedes and I know that all that what Mercedes is advertising about their cars is gone in the moment I switched the engine. So, is ClamaAV a Brabus like company in this project? In my opinion, Immunet should concentrate to stay Immunet. Sourcefire and ClamAV are just the drop in the ocean (cloud antivirus) that help to obtain your aim in global virus protection. With actual prices, protection factor and lightness of the software Immunet might be the source/database of the Internet Security Industry. Vik
  6. Millard, I have few possible problematical issues in ClamAVP' daily operation: I ripped a Blu-ray disc and converted it to an 8.5 GB H.264 MKV format video and changed its language file to another. Now, this was few months ago when I ran IPP. The WMP, DivX Player and KMPlayer were able to play it without any problems. Yesterday, I tried to burn a DVD movie from it but wasn't able because from the moment that the MKV file was copied to my HDD, the RAM went to 95-99% all the time and the system simply didn't respond. I needed to manually reboot. The situation changed from bad to not that bad only a bit. I wanted to delete or erase the MKV file without any success. Since the file was noticed by ClamAVP, the software blinked all the time. Even when I didn't work with the video file. Seems that its present caused this for ClamAVP i.e. for the OS. After this I chose the System Restore from the OS but after the seemingly successful restore the program dropped this Error Message (0xc0000022). I did this a dozen times without success and the ClamAVP' turbidity and the heavy RAM usage simply interfered in running the OS. The only thig that immediately worked when I used Ubuntu 10.10 live usb, which deleted the file without any hesitation. After this the windo0ws 7 loaded as earlier and the file wasn't in the folder anymore. ClamAVP is also behaves as a good boy now. No nervous blinking and crying.... SDT file will send in email, because of its size. Vik
  7. Millard, For me is ditto. Personally, i would do this with pop-up... in the meantime, you could also send the link for us...what if the pop-up won't work 100%? Vik
  8. Hi Guys, It just flashed in my mind that few days ago my whole Identity Safe (Norton 360) database didn't open itself when I tried to give its password. The password didn't work (no changes has been made) and also, i wasn't able to recover it... I am not 100% sure but maybe ClamAVP interfered somehow because that's the only beta software that i run?! ...needed to insert everything again...now it's working again... I am sending the SDT in email as it's more than 8 megs. Vik
  9. Hey Guys, I am on the list in one of the screenshots
  10. hey guys, Now i am under 189,000 i think i found out how this works! As many people accept your community invitation, the protection factor grows DOWN, and after a while the protection factor will be displayed: - 1 and so on just like the negative G and positive G. PS: ...this was a joke, naturally! We all know that Immunet guys work pretty hard to make this Excellent product Better and Better and we are here because we WANT to assist them in this process!!! ...but hey, we must allow jokes to release the stress Vik
  11. Hi there, I am good in mathematics but can anyone explain to me how my protection factor decreased from 500,000+ in one day to 249.417? Thanks in advance, Vik
  12. Hi Bayan, 1st of all, accept my cordial condolences. Wholeheartedely. Vik Now seriously. File Inspector is - Virus that infects other files on a system or network. A role of a file infector is to directly strike and modify an application, usually seeking out EXE. or COM extensions. When the application is started, the infection is executed and does whatever it has been commanded to do. It is typically installed into system memory. There it waits for something to trigger it and corrupt other items. This infection is most commonly distributed via compromised networks, over the web or from a corrupted floppy disk. One of the most malicious forms of the file infector goes by the alias Win32. Its purpose is to transfer hits to the HttpSendRequest into a corrupted .DLL format. This type of file infector is often installed by other malware. This infection will corrupt other items and usually result in the crash of a web browser. This file infector employs a technique to make sure its corrupted .DLL format will replace the target extension found within the system. When the computer is restarted and DISABLE SYSTEM BACKUP/RESTORE BEFORE YOU START REMOVAL PROCESS!!!!, it unknowingly boots the infected content. Windows ME and XP utilize a restore utility that backs up selected files automatically to the C:\_Restore folder. This means that an infected file could be stored there as a backup file, THEREFORE, VirusScan will be unable to delete these files. File infector viruses often misinfect, either leaving the file completely non-functional or simply failing to run the viral code at all. More sophisticted forms of file infector virus, which try to hide their presence by changing aspects of their code with each infection, are known as polymorphic or metamorphic viruses. Polymorphic virus - Virus that re-encrypts itself with each infection. A polymorphic virusis one that encrypts its code differently with each infection, or generation of infections. The aim of this behaviour is to make it difficult for anti-malware software to detect all files infected with the virus, requiring much more sophisticated detection techniques than simple file-infecting viruses, which insert their code unchanged into each infected file.nThe same term is often also used to cover metamorphic viruses. Metamorphic virus - Virus that changes its own code with each infection. A metamorphic virus is one that is capable of rewriting its own code with each infection, or generation of infections, while maintaining the same functionality. The rewriting process allows each infection to appear different from others, but the changes are not supposed to affect the functionality of the code. This is intended to avoid detection by anti-malware software, but can usually be overcome via emulation or other techniques, and in many cases is deployed in a flawed manner leading to large numbers of misinfections. The complex technology required to do the rewriting is known as a metamorphic engine, and the same such engine may be implemented in several different virus variants. The term is often used interchangeably with polymorphic virus. I would call the Immunet Specialist to assist you in the removal process. Vik
  13. hey rayray, relax and don't be so angreeee. i didn't have such a problem with Immunet Protect not even with the Plus version. Earlier and sometimes these days, me, also have uninstalling problems with mostly trial versions of software of different kind... i am using iobit uninstaller (not in the bundle but alone) and Revo as well. there is a trick: go to C-Users-RayRay-AppData-Local-Temp and delete everything that you can from that subfolder and re-boot and try uninstalling it then re-boot again and see what you get. I hope that you have a lighter infection or in worse case scenario, your OS is suffered damages and maybe should be reinstalled but it's up to you to find it out. As Al wrote, it's almost sure that it's not the Immunet but other anti-virus program "mess left behind...you know, people/competition companies love to screw with others just to make it warm for them and as Al said `monopolize the whole desktop'..." but I think that your OS core registry and some important dat files were corrupted. PS: there are websites where users can easily get malwares and those are the Torrent sites and less but still the Porn and Sex sites and of course, the email clients are still widely opened to BOTs. Unfortunately, you don't have to visit those sites as they use very good programmed BOTs to catch the unsuspecting browsing users. I am using Norton 360. 4.. and Immunet Protect Plus, which worth to change from another Internet Security Suite as now my pc is much much calmer but as I noted, you should have something a virus or viruses and corrupted OS... vik vik
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