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    little tool for port forward. I have got lately many weird results from your new version of Immunet (paid one). EveMon creates some temproray files which are infected according your program. It creates file, Immunet qurantines the file. Onc eyou check quarantine, it says "qurantine failed" despite it claimed the other way round before. IamConfused.DOT.com ) If you run scan, system is clean. Question is, are all these threats real or just incorrect result? upnpc-shared.zip
  2. Hi guys, Immunet claims "W32.Trojan.b3e6" for "DriverCleanerDotNet.exe" and "W32.Trojan.2E3B" for "LIveUpdateDotNet.exe". It is paid program for cleaning drivers. Question is, do files contain trojans or not? I cannot upload files since they are larger than allowed quota
  3. Hi, thanks for reply. It doesn't say any "detection name". It just says, it is threat and moves these files in quarantine. All detection engines are ON.
  4. Hi guys, I am getting threat detection and files with *.swbf are moved to quarantine. It suppose to be just numerical file filled with OHLC (chart data). I wonder whether is that virus or false detection. Immunet paid version. thanks gc_eod1.zip
  5. i try switch off tetra and run full scan again. i cannot find any dump or record in eventviewer :-( fltmgr.dll prevents to write anything on disc i guess.
  6. ritchie58: games are able to heat up CPU and GPU even more than ClamAV and laptop never crashed. According to Acronis Drive Monitor, temp of both HDDs are ok. Memory modules have been checked by memtest and passed since I had issue with some photographics SW. All test programs claim all is ok. Just some applications, such as ClamAv and DxO Optics Pro, are able to crash system very well.
  7. Hi guys, I have got an issue with ClamAV Win. I have purchased extended version and running Win Vista Home Premium 64b. Everytime I run "Full Scan", soon or later computer freezes. LCD went white, BSOD lately (fltmgr.sys SERVICE EXCEPTION ERROR). I have tried to switch off all power setting in case of screensaver issues and so on. ClamAV Win still crashes sytem. I noticed that crashes usually occur after 3h+ of scanning. I am not sure whether is that some HW issue with my laptop or magic world of Microsoft. Anyone has got same issues, please?
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