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  1. I had been undecided about renewing my subscription to Immunet Pro because of having to continually use the quick fix in cmd to get rid of the yellow "NOT UPDATED - FIX IT" icon which has been reappearing regularly. My Immunet license is up for renewal and I am currently on the 5 days trial period, with 3 days left. This evening I saw the announcement of the 3.02 upgrade, which is supposed to address the earlier bugs. I followed the instructions to download and run etc. then received the message telling me to reboot -and the update icon was looking nice and GREEN. After rebooting I tried logging in on the new register screen - the screen just hung there. I then attempted to recover my password (just in case) and got the message "THE PATH GIVEN IS NOT A VALID WEB PATH". and then IP tray has to close (I have never seen the tray issue before today). From the new registration screen I can no longer log in with my old credentials and my email address is not recognised when I attempt to recover my password. BUT - when I logged in to this forum just now there wasn't a problem. I can't justify starting from scratch and wasting another subscription when there are clearly some issues which still need fixing. Immunet 2.0 delivered well - since Immunet 3.0, it seems to have gone downhill all the way.
  2. I hate to moan yet again, but since using the work around - everything looks ok and green and scans tell me they're working fine - BUT Immunet has not been updating definitions unless I manually check for them. When new definitions are found manually, it downloads them and reports - updated successfully; however, the 'last updated' circle still reports - last updated 15/4. That is when I followed the work around instructions. I have just downloaded a new set of definitions on the 19/4 and the date in the green circle hasn't altered. Any similar reports from the community?
  3. Hi RobT I found the work around last night elswhere in the forums, followed the cut and paste directions and all is well again! I also replied there to thank you.
  4. Thank you, thank you RobT, I have just followed your cut and paste advice and it does appear to have solved the problem - All is green and even my rootkit scan kicked in at last!
  5. Thanks for the heads up Anthony. I will hang on for a couple days. If this doesn't happen and I fully uninstall - how do I get back to plus status with minimum hassle? It wouldn't recognise my key code last time. I am considering this because the Rootkit still doesn't actually read files; just says scan completed successfully. Thanks again for your's and Orlando's efforts.
  6. Thanks for this information -I will wait a day or two before uninstalling.
  7. According to the top of this web page this is the Immunet Support (Issue/Defects) page. I don't understand your request for me to report it in the same section?
  8. OK -I have managed to delete cache and history.db. reconnected, performed quick scan -ok, Rootkit scan still not functioning but says completed and when I try to update I get 'Initialization Failed with code0. Looks like I will have to give up on what was a really sweet programme. Very sad
  9. Tried what you suggested CMD (I am using xp sp3)) the command to stop immunetprotect worked but no other input was accepted?
  10. Update -At 12.20pm GMT I updated manually, Immunet found the daily defintion, downloaded successfully; Yellow warning icon remains -saying 'last updated never'. What a pity. there was never a problem with the original Immunet plus 2.0
  11. Here we go again Last night I received the message 'new version is available'. After the new install I was instructed to reboot for the changes to take place. I was pleased to see that the annoying box in the left top corner had vanished BUT now I am stuck with the yellow warning that I need to update. When clicking to update I am told all the latest updates are already installed but the yellow warning remains : Also, the rootkit scanner still doesn't scan (since the move from version 2.0. to 3.0 but tells me that it has scanned. I would try an new install from scratch but I still remember all the problems I had trying to get back to 'plus status'when changing from 2.0 t0 3.0. I have tried to attach information file but can't.
  12. Hi there! Rootkit scan has worked fine for me until I recently upgraded to V3. Initially I had problems getting to back to Plus status, which Millard fixed for me online. Since then I too get an instant result for rootkit scan, reporting no threats found but showing no files have been scanned either. I have tried attaching the agent.exe log but without success. I am running XP32 service pack 3 AMD Phenom Quad core. Hoping it can be sorted soon - Tony
  13. Thank you kind sir for acting so promptly! All is fine again, running well & secure. After reading about the conflicts caused by running tetra and clam together - I have decided to disable clam for now. Thanks again
  14. I have been running Immunet Plus 2 successfully for quite sometime and recently upgraded to V3. Problems began immediately - all history/ quarantined etc vanished! and after all the scans I did - the middle icon remained yellow with the message 'not secure -fix it!' Reading on the forum I saw advice to someone else to reinstall. When I tried this - it wouldn't install because 'Immunet 3 is already on this computer' So I uninstalled and started from scratch. I was asked if I already had a serial key which I then used - completed the install, only to find I am now on the free version only and need to purchase a further key to get back what I have already paid for!! In fact I should have 140 days left!! Not good Immunet.
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