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  1. After a week, I hope to see some changes but has the same. Any scheduled upgrades sooner? Thanks.
  2. Ok, thanks. I'm attaching it as a zip file. I hope this helps. AFR.zip
  3. I appreciate for leading a way to submit my concern. The FAQ is much helpful it it could have been made sticky on this forum and not dug from subforums or part of the General Rules which I took time to read. BTW, a little dose for the help there: I tried sending the file for inspection to support@immunet.com but it is recognized as a virus during attachment - so I cannot upload. Any other solution and support you have?
  4. Software: Advanced Find and Replace Detection: Clam.Trojan.Agent.ND-2 I have been using this software for years and I understand how it works and its adverse effect and how it can be associated as a trojan. However, even if I add it to the exclusion list, it persists to be quarantined. I need the software for what it does, I need your help in resolving the issue. Thanks, Eat Ong
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