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  1. Done Pedersen. I like the concept of Immunet; it's a pity it doesn't play too well here.
  2. OK. Thanks, Orlando. How do I apply for a refund on the licence I bought last week? Regards
  3. I had already done this, Orlando. I excluded the entire ShadowProtect installation folder as well as the image destination folder. I'm convinced that it's the size of the file that Immunet's choking on, not the type of file, because smaller incremental files are written speedily and properly.
  4. Sorry Pederson, I just don't understand what you're saying here.
  5. Thanks Orlando. That's just confirmed that Immunet is the culprit. If I have to choose between ShadowProtect and Immunet, then I'm afraid Immunet has to go unless a solution can be found. Regards
  6. I bought and installed Immunet Pro ( on Win7 32 bit) last week and have just come across a showstopper with ShadowProtect Desktop (v3 & 4). ShadowProtect is set to create a full disk image each week and a much smaller incremental image each day. It was only yesterday when SP ran a full image backup the problem emerged. Basically, the full scan took around three times longer to run than usual and then hung at around 99% and would not complete writing the image to an external disk. Turning off IP before an image run and repeating the process had no effect but uninstalling IP completely allowed the image to be created perfectly. I suspect IP is having a problem and is choking on the 10Gb image file whereas it doesn't seem to have any issues with the smaller incremental files which are around 100k. I don't understand though why simply disabling IP as opposed to uninstalling it would prevent the image from being created.
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