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  1. OK, I've un-installed ran Ccleaner and re-installed. Still red cross in connected. When I re-installed I got a message flash up on the screen every few seconds of the installation proccess, saying 'case64 not trusted', the only option was to press 'OK', which I did untill it installed.
  2. At work at the moment I will do a clean install when I get home. I use Ccleaner every day but will run it again after I have re-installed. Thanks David
  3. No, still the red cross. When I open Immunet I am logged in correctly.
  4. I have been into services and 2 Immunet serices are listed, Tetra scanner which is manual and Immunet Protect which is automatic. Mabe I should do a clean install and see if that helps.
  5. Kaspersky is the only security I have. Windows firewall is off. KIS firewall has green ticks next to Immunet. Agent.exe is not listed in task manager. Support tool results will not attach, just get 'no file was selected for upload' message when I try to attach file from the desk top, I will email it to you.
  6. I have a red cross and am disconnected in community. It has been like this for 24 hours now. I have re-booted. and am running version Only 'iptray.exe' is running in task manager and once only, nothing else from Immunet is running in task manager. Kaspersky scan is clean. Any ideas. Thanks David
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