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  1. I very much appreciate the effort you've put in here. Unfortunately taking any/all of these steps is a lot of effort, when I can just turn off the Immunet Service to "solve" the problem... I'll try to post again if I try any of these steps. For now I'm just going to play the game in peace and quiet.
  2. Yes it does it with Gaming Mode on. It starts out using 20% of my CPU, then climbs and climbs to 75-80%+, seemingly using up whatever is available, maxxing out my cpu usage at 98%-100%. Even after closing the game and all macros, "Cisco AMP for Endpoints Connector" has now increased to using 93% of my cpu (total 98-99%). After a couple minutes it finally starts slowly decreasing by jumps of 10-20% cpu usage at a time every 5-10 seconds until eventually back to 0% after a couple minutes. I did ran the whole thing again and recorded it, same thing happens (Gaming Mode on). There's an incredible amount of processing going on for what is essentially almost nothing happening on my computer. I did nothing, just stared at the screen the whole time, aside from launching and quitting Path of Exile: This example/test I just did it gave no false positive warnings (though they still occur, I had several 10 minutes ago (Gaming Mode was off though, I think).
  3. Slight update on this. It actually occurs even just having the game running in the background and not logged in. And Immunet goes through periods of using 80%+ of the CPU (AMD Ryzen 7, GeForce 1060)... There's definitely something wrong here. I'll turn on Gaming Mode and see if it goes away. (Could have sworn I turned Gaming Mode on long ago... Maybe Immunet forgets your settings when you update the core software versions? That's not good.)
  4. Blocking Mode was already off. Adding the executable in addition to the folder didn't help.
  5. Hmm it was spelled right. Excluded just the parent folder now, still occurs.
  6. Short-lived, I didn't adjust anything since then and haven't really been playing Today I launched and kept the game open for a while doing minor stuff. Noticed many hours later that Immunet had popped up a whole bunch of warnings at some point. Not sure if it was during or after play.
  7. Oh I didn't know about manual exclusions. Excluding pathofexile_x64.exe didn't help. Then I excluded 3x .ahk files and YoloMouse (launched by a macro). Seems to be good now.
  8. Greetings, I reported a false positive for the Path of Exile game several months ago on the website submission form. It might have been partially addressed, as it's not a constant spam of Warnings like it was before. However, it still occurs most times I leave the game, usually many minutes later after the game has long been closed and hasn't been in Task Manager the whole time, which is a little odd. If that makes no sense to you at all, the only thing I can think might be related is that I run some autohotkey helper macros to launch/alongside the game, and I time them out on a fixed ~5 minute timer. Perhaps that's when Immunet picks up what it thinks is weird behavior and traces is back to the game's .exe. Running the latest version of Immunet ( Also occurred before updating. There's nothing related in the File History nor Quarantine.
  9. Thanks! That sounds very likely to be what's going on. My D:\ indeed has some sort of energy saving/sleep thing. I hear it spin up every time I access it (which is pretty rarely, it's just my data drive). I guess there's nothing Immunet can do about that?
  10. It was the first PC I built so details are a little fuzzy, but whatever the typical setup is. So surely connected to the MB via SATA. C drive is a SSD (Immunet is installed here) D drive is a regular HD
  11. You nailed it, it's not working on my D drive. Files on my C drive Context Menu Scan just fine. Since I have a workaround I can't be arsed to reinstall, if that turns out to be the only solution.
  12. I don't know when this started*, but I just noticed that right-click scanning individual files doesn't work anymore. Nothing happens, whether the Immunet client is visible on screen or not. I then updated to and rebooted. No change, individual file scanning doesn't work. A workaround is to go to Scan Now, Custom Scan, and find the folder or file you want to scan. This still works. I'm running on Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB. My system has not changed in a long time so there shouldn't be any interference. I also very rarely install anything new that might have interfered. *I scan individual files relatively frequently, maybe ever few weeks/monthly. So the issue is relatively recent.
  13. You may be interested to know that Windows Defender is detecting some immunet temp files as Trojan: JS/Foretype.A!ml This started happening 2 days ago, and has happened daily to me since. Their "more info" link, if useful: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/wdsi/threats/malware-encyclopedia-description?name=Trojan%3aJS%2fForetype.A!ml&threatid=2147724342&enterprise=0 Edit: Uh, pasting images to your forum is terrible, they lose a ton of quality in the process, practically unreadable. Here: https://imgur.com/15VhZ3Y
  14. Thanks. Yeah I noticed it turned off Gaming Mode on reboots as part of trying to sort out the connection issue. The debugging is still ongoing. No VPN in use currently. Unlikely to be software-related as several computers and users are affected. At this point I suspect the issue is simply the ISP's modem, or their cabling.
  15. In trying to eliminate an annoying internet connection issue, I've isolated it down to one of 2 things, one of which is Immunet Gaming Mode, vs regular. So as the title asks, is Immunet doing anything differently in Gaming Mode, other than simply not notifying you of anything?
  16. The Tor Browser bundle is a FP: https://www.torproject.org/dist/vidalia-bundles/vidalia-bridge-bundle-
  17. Thanks for the links ^^ Its to remotely control the output of some antivirus. Send them a file, make them analize it, and get back the results (briefly explain at least). So I think i will use sqlite to check the info im looking for. Thank you again
  18. Hi there, I start using clamav for windows and I'm kinda interested to find which is the log path (after scaning a file), to make a script myself that uses that output. I just found this outdated tutorial: http://www.hostingu.nl/clamav/clamav-qs1.pdf And I thought the comands that apeard in the part "Using ClamAV In Other Directories Besides C:\clamav-devel" will be compatible with 3.0version, but I couldnt find the "clamscan.exe" executable, to set myself the scan log file path as its shown in the comand "--log=e:\ClamAV\log\clamav.log" Theres any default path for that log? How is the new comand to choose my own path? (guess this one is outdated too: http://ftp.clamwin.com/viewtopic.php?t=800 eladkarako post) Thanks in advance. I hope you can help me, since google doesnt >.< PD: Sorry for my bad english
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