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  1. I realize it's not a priority for the operation of our program; but I sure do miss the quick graphical synopsis of scans. [sad puppy dog face] What say you programmers? are we getting it back anytime soon? Please (and thanx)
  2. thanx ebloch I deleted my 'old' IM files after uninstalling and before reinstalling. Thanks for your method. I do wonder if any remnant registry keys remain from old versions- but I'm too chicken to go looking. Anyone know where they reside?
  3. Thanx Ritchie Havn't been here much- because not much was going on. Nice to have a new version and update .04 I believe you (or someone) replied to a different thread that- most, if not all, files from previous versions could be safely deleted? I have done full new installs several times previously, complete with choosing to delete all data , but while checking through my files I find many old files (and version artifacts) present. Do you think it would be safe to delete everything prior to the date I installed .0.4 (today)? Glad to see you're still active here Dave
  4. What is: ProgramData\Immunet\immpro_6.0.2.exe? I don't recall seeng a similar application previously.
  5. This situation seemed to have resolved itself shortly after the discussion. Immunet is connecting within the first few moments of start up now, and seems to be checking itself in. (a little off the subject...) Shouldn't it be automatically downloading updates? Specifically, when I manually click update it goes through 3: version, definitions(a?), and definitions(daily) and usually retrieves quite a few depending on time since I last requested; should IP automatically be downloading these? Are these for TETRA offline files? If that question has an answer already in the forums please point me there. Thanks
  6. I'll miss that spider web of international flags when it goes. Especially since I have a few 'original' folks in my community. I know it's only dressing...but it was pretty cool dressing. Shame they can't keep it and make sure it works without hogging much. ... [/img]
  7. Thanks Jose, and Thanks Ritchie. I'll try running through that rule set up beginning of the week (I've been chicken to mess with the firewall rules) I did notice Norton has Immunet listed as a trusted program, and both processes as well, it reports the processes are excluded from scans but they only list the processes specifically and not the folder- I assume it is all of the \program files\immunet- but cannot verify that. And it's vague and says nothing re: the firewall. I know MS isn't much, what's funny is they have beaten the other two on a few quarantines, go figure..... My smaller machine is only an i3 with 4 gig so I know I take a hit on speed ..but I feel safe Thanks Again Guys, tonite it did take a few min's to go online again, so I may just reinstall - do you still think I should forward a report before reinstall- and remind me which sub- folder it's in and it's name..is it an .exe??? ps. I have a 3.0.6 and 3.0.12 sub folder, are both needed now? on a clean uninstall ('no' to reinstall question) does the entire Immunet program file get deleted?
  8. Thanks Ritchie. Seems to have cleared up over the weekend, at least I’m going ‘live’ fairly quickly now. … not sure if It’s automatically checking for daily definition file updates though, as I have been manually asking for, and getting those updates. I’ll send a report along as I have time later in the week. I haven’t encountered any multiple AV program problems previously- been running IP w/everything on except Clam, MS Security Essentials, and Norton 360 (Norton runs the firewall) for a few years now. In MS Security Essentials I have excluded (C:\program files\immunet )from their scans. Are there additional locations I should exclude which contain relevant IP info? I’ve excluded processes- agent.exe & iptray.exe from them as well. Norton 360 has no ability to make exclusions (that I’m aware of) but has never seemed to be a problem (except when they beat IP to the quarantine and we try to quarantine their files=lol…(or vice versa) If it stays glitchy I’ll un/re-install again, and send over a file first (if I can remember where to generate it from :-/ ) Nice hearing from you, Dave
  9. Plus User: IP seems to be up and running: both processes are running-agent & iptray. From the gui I can see my community and get updates (definition updates retrieved ) The ‘button’ under community heading shows red and indicates disconnected. I know that IP is not communicating properly as I have enabled Verbose Tray Notifications and am getting none. After some time, maybe min’s-maybe an hour or so, I will get the ‘popup tray notification’ Immunet Online. And all is fine after. What is causing the delay in IP going on-line? And why can I download updates but obviously am not connected to the cloud av? This is recent behavior, seemingly began around the last re-install.
  10. .....back to the rootkit thing Same problem- WinXP, IPplus I'm not really worried about it Millard, I can run other rootkit checkers. Just wanted to report that I also have the problem, and it didn't go away with the update.
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