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  1. The link is given on Immunet's homepage, but here it is: https://download.immunet.com/binaries/immunet/bin/ImmunetSetup-5.0.0-beta.exe Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the info Ritchie! That's good news nevertheless! Regards, François
  3. Hi. Seems Cisco has slightly modified the program so the annoying popup on the right is now gone, thanks. It still displays the banner on the bottom though. Any news on something revamped more completely? Regards, François
  4. I guess Immunet's cloud is shrinking everyday, since the program is more or less abandoned now. I suggest you look at other products with cloud support. Avira (a free version is also available) has a very good product, and the free version uses the cloud as well. (in prvious versions you had to buy the Pro license to get cloud support) I have no doubt their cloud is much bigger than Immunet's. Panda free is also a good cloud-based AV. Hope this helps.
  5. Expect lots of false positives with the ClamAV engine. With Immunet, I'd stick with Spero and Ethos only. Just my advice.
  6. fblais

    Creppy Design

    I'm very disappointed as well, but not really surprised...
  7. http://www.immunet.com/plus/requirements/index.html Short answer: no.
  8. There is no registration, nothing should prevent updates. Maybe your firewall?
  9. Good morning. Just installed version here. There's still a popo-up at the right about upgrading to the PLUS version. There's still the bottom banner saying "Maximize Your Protection" with an "Upgrade" button. As a reminder, the PLUS version isn't sold anymore since more than four months: http://forum.immunet.com/index.php?/topic/2580-immunet-plus-end-of-sale-end-of-life-faq/ I guess that would be quite simple to update the GUI a bit, no? Apparently, Immunet is abandoned-ware. Too bad because it's a nice companion AV, but the program is in desperate need of some updating. Thanks in advance, François
  10. Most AVs will detect malware when a file is actually executed or opened/copied. Seems quite normal to me. As for false positives, make sure the ClamAV engine is disabled in Immunet. That's the biggest source of FPs. The cloud engine alone is much better.
  11. What version are you using, and free or Plus?
  12. Immunet connects to its cloud. I don't recommend enabling clamAV. It's the worst AV engine you can think of. Lots of false positives, lack of detection, slow I/O.
  13. There is no PLUS version anymore, and the community thing is long gone ago. (it was not anymore in the PLUS version either) They just need to update their website...
  14. Ditto. I hope people won't be too confused until they change the Free version since until then it still shows the side banner to upgrade to Plus...
  15. At least some feedback! Thanks Ritchie!
  16. Good day. So Immunet Plus is no longer for sale as of today. Anything new about the Free version? The least you can do is to remove the Plus registration popups, no? Thanks in advance, and best regards, François
  17. Since the PLUS version will be retired soon (in 3 days they'll stop selling licenses), it's probably better to keep your money. The free version is supposed to be enhanced with some of the Plus features in the future, although I have no idea when.
  18. FWIW, I have started a thread there: http://www.wildersse...of-life.364564/ It'll surely get more visibility than here on the Immunet forum. I sincerely hope they get rid of ClamAV. It has tons of FPs, lacks detection, is slow like hell, so nothing to give a good name to the product using it... Best, François
  19. fblais

    No-Nag User Inteface

    Cisco don't care either about Immunet it seems? Too bad, as it's IMHO much better than Panda Cloud, which is very slow. Oh well, another fine product that will be discontinued soon I guess?...
  20. Hi Jose. Is this new minor release being pushed though the update server or do we manually have to update? I have and if I click on "Update now", it says Immunet 3 is up to date. I read on WildersSecurity that version is out. Thanks! François
  21. Thanks! Question: are the localized versions updated as well? Last year, if I was choosing french, I was getting a 2.x version. I needed to choose english to get the last version. Best! François
  22. Could this be used in the program's GUI ? If so, not a critical bug, maybe.
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