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  1. Hello, Are there any updates on this issue? Or this there a date for the upcoming major release? Thanks
  2. Hi, ritchie85 I have followed your instructions but the problem remains. The funny thing is that now both, Enable ClamAV engine and Allow Definition Updates, are set to ON (I was able to set then to ON right after the install, though I can not change their state anymore), but I was not able to update the clam definitions yet. When I press "Update Now" it only checks for program updates. Also, your link gave me the version and not 3.1. I have sent an email to support as requested. The subject of the email is "Logging build"
  3. Thanks for your reply. I was able to turn on Clam Av engine, after following the steps you provided. Unfortunately I am not able to turn it off now, so it seems like there is some sort of glitch! I also noticed that in fact I am not able to change any of the configurations, because as soon as I close and re-open the settings window the options get back to the previous values and are not applied. In fact this is not specif to just ClamAV, but happens with all the program settings. Shall I start a new topic for this issue, or could you move this topic to the correct forum?
  4. Hi ritchie58, My last message wasn't very clear, I apologize for that. What I was trying to say is that I can not enable ClamAV engine. After turning it on and hitting apply, when I close the settings window and open it up back again the "Enable ClamAV engine" is set to off. Same thing goes for the "Allow definition updates" it won't stay on. For this reason when I click on "Update Now" Immunet does not check for ClamAV definition updates. I have no other software installed, just what comes with win Vista (i.e. Firewall and Windows Defender). Reinstalling doesn't seem to fix the problem. :/
  5. Hi there, For some reason I am able to enable the clamAV engine. I turn the option ON and click apply, byt after closing and re-opening the settings window the option is back to off. Already re-installed the program deleting all my local files, but no avail. Any idea on how to solve this? I am using Immunet Win Vista SP2 32bits Ultimate Regards
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