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  1. I cannot send a Zip file because a single quanatined fil is 2028K. All of these are coming from C:\Documents and Settings\Robert\Local Settings\Application Data\Temp. The results from Virustotal shows only 1 found it to be a virus. Panda 2010.08.15 W32/Xor-encoded.A
  2. How do I copy the files in quarintine and send them to you. Robert
  3. I'm Not sure if this is a false positive or an actual virus. ESET does not tag it and neither does Malwarebytes but 3 days in a row Immunet has tagged it along with another file. All the hits start with Bit, then a short alpanumeric string, the dot tmp ex. bit5a.tmp, bit21w.tmp The second is a alphanumeric string devided into 2 or 3 sections. ex. {4FCAE697-0587-4DC7-BE86-6012862ABDC8} Some advice in this would be appreciated.
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