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  1. It looks the 3.0.12 release is still affected.
  2. Is it possible to update your display name used to register with Immunet community? I guess it was, when managing your details in the old website, but since 2.0 it's stated all community features are "moved [...] directly into your product".
  3. Thank you Ritchie, I wrote the support team; I'll report here any progress.
  4. This is biting my enviroment too where a few XP machines and a 2003 server still exist; is it possible to downgrade Immunet, or force the installer to a previous version? Thank you
  5. I solved it by myself: I had to select a different language at install time, it looks like Italian download of 3.0 is not supported. Choosing English worked like a charm. Cheers.
  6. Hello, I'm not able to have the installer (http://download.immu...mmunetSetup.exe) retrieve the latest release, what I get instead is I only tried on a XP SP3 machine, does it make a difference? Thank you.
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