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  1. I guess since your so amazing and designing AV software you should totally have final say in IPP's development. Even if there is minimal overhead by implementing a fingerprinting technology if you dont have a system capable of handling that whole whopping 90Mbs then perhaps you shouldnt be paying for AV software and rather upgrading your machine to cope with todays current technology. F Secure and AVG are both extremely light and implement it. I still dont see the issue here. Bloat isnt about having fingerprinting technologies. Its about AV software including garbage that isnt needed like PC analyzes, registry cleaners, backup utilities, etc. Not about market standards.
  2. I dont think you understand the fingerprinting technology. It only speeds things up even more. Basically if a file has been scanned and it hasnt been modified since last scan its ignored. Not only does it reduce system overhead it also reduces subsequent scan times.
  3. Every time I go to add someone to my community I have to log in with my email and password. Is this normal? If not how do I fix it?
  4. I sent an email out yesterday to Immunet for a few ideas I had to make the product better. Ive recently been using AVG AV 2011 and F Secure AV 2011. Both incorporated a fingerprinting technology to speed up scans. I think this should be included in IPP if it wants to compete with other vendors. Secondly. Scan speed. The initial scan speed is horrible. Its extremely slow and takes awhile to complete even on a fairly trimmed OS install. Third. When IPP finds something users should have the option to quarantine, not to quarantine, or exclude the item from future scans rather than just auto quarantine. Fourth. An auto update feature should be implemented. What good is an AV solution if the update servers dont push out the latest updates? It leaves you vulnerable.
  5. See my sig. In DynDNS I have my router setup to receive auto IP updates. Within DynDNS controll panel I have selected the Block Viruses, Fraudulent Activity and Phishing (Low) Defense strategy. Within blocked categories I have selected anything that hosts the conficker worm, gambling, phishing, spam, and spyware. Within Firefox I have Ad Block Plus with the Malware Domain list and Easylist both up to date as possible. Not listed in my sig is TinyWatcher, which is a file integrity scanner. Any changes in the Windows folder or programs that are ran for the first time will pop up alerting me of changes, updates, etc. As always the most fool proof security tool a full system backup in an offsite location on a 1.5TB Barracuda HD.
  6. In the quarantine I think you should incorporate a delete all button. Almost every AV vendor on the market has an option to delete all the quarantined files from the HD. It would make it much more simple to delete rather than going through one item at a time.
  7. This is a known Microsoft file from what I can see associted with the MS MBSA (Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer) http://support.microsoft.com/kb/900638
  8. I believe the Ethos (heuristics) and Spero (cloud) are what you will want enabled. The Tetra engine is the offline module. Just dont enable it and you should be fine.
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