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    Change the GUI

    I agree leave the GUI for now and concentrate on bug fixing and addition of new features.
  2. sg09

    Browser Protection

    Please don't make a toolbar based protection. Then many web browers will not be protected like Safari, Chrome, Opera. Please make something realtime like Trend Micro eb Protection Addon, MBAM Ip blocker, Avast webshield type. That will also be able to block botnet attacks.
  3. Wishlists: 1. Add an option to vaccinate USB drives like Panda USB Vaccine. 2. Block any exe from running from USB drive like No Autorun. 3. Add repair option like in SAS free that repair some registry changes by Virus. 4. Add an option to manually add suspected files to quarantine and an option to send them for analysis. 5. Add password protection/CAPTCHA protection of settings. 6. Add in option in tray menu to quickly disable protection (protected by CAPTCHA). 7. Make the joining in the community optional. 8. Automatic upgrade to latest version.
  4. Immunet detected wrong AV. I have installed in a fresh OS Avira Premium and Outpost Pro Firewall. Immunet detects two Avira Antivir Guard and Quick Heal Antivirus. One Avira Antivir Guard is OK, why two? And Quick heal..!! I never ever installed that. In a wild thought I assumed it may be due to the Outpost pro as Quick heal firewall uses Outpost engine...
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