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  1. Sourcefire OWNS Immunet so I wouldn't call them a "drop in the ocean" compared to the product that they own.
  2. I will say that I definitely like the logo & tray symbol for ClamAV for windows better. Many people may not care but I never have liked the logo/symbol for Immunet & it does matter when you have to look at it for hours every day. Anyway, since Sourcefire acquired Immunet I figured the Clam name would win out.
  3. I don't recommend relying on a Beta product for your main defense. Windows defender is pretty much useless, I only scan with it to shut it up. Comodo CIS is very light as far as a suite goes, how much memory do you have? I have 3 GB and I can't notice CIS at all. SAS (SuperAntiSpyware) is pretty good too if you don't want to pay for HMP.
  4. I just upgraded to ClamAV paid version and during my first full scan it detected a whole slew of Comodo files (CAV1A1B.tmp) ect as trojans. Then the program itself froze so I had to do a hard restart. Is there a way to get these files out of quarantine? This program could really use a "report to Immunet/Sourcefire" option. I'm using ClamAV for Windows Plus
  5. Then what's the deal with this? (from FAQ on Clamav site): "Currently ClamAV and its components are running in the Cloud, off your system. ClamAV for Windows 3.0 scheduled for release in November 2010 will contain a full LibClamAV detection engine. This will be our first fully integrated product release"
  6. No answer at all to this question?
  7. How is this "copying"? They simply integrated cloud technology into the suite.
  8. Laptop; Windows 7 64-bit. Realtime: Comodo CIS 4 On demand: Malwarebytes MBAM SAS Superantispyware Windows Defender Utilities: Glary Utilities PCTools Privacy Guardian Comodo System Cleaner I use ClamAV for Windows 2.0 on my desktop (XP) along with Avast! 5 and the same on demand scanners and utilities that I use on my laptop (save WD).
  9. Finally, it seemed like this would never be announced. Congrats to the devs and everyone who worked on the product.
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