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  1. Jose


    Hi Barbee, Immunet should work for you in a Windows 8.1 64 bit machine. Before we start trying to fix Immunet, can you please confirm that Immunet is the guilty party? To do so, we would have to temporarily disable Immunet: -Open a Command Prompt with Admin rights (some instructions on how to potentially do this, here) -Type in net stop immunetprotect (You should receive back a message stating that the service was stopped).] Keep the prompt open. -Attempt to reproduce the original issue. If the issue still happens, it looks more like a non-Immunet issue, and there's not much I can do for you in that case. - Start Immunet once more by typing in net start immunetprotect in the prompt. -Double check whether the problem exists or not. In case that Immunet seems to be the guilty party (the problem disappears with Immunet Off, and reappears when it is on) then please contact me at support@immunet.com (use: 'For Jose' at the end of the Subject line for the email) and we'll take it from there. -Jose
  2. Hi ronroseman, Can you describe exactly your situation so that I may reproduce it in-house? Just keep in mind that the current ClamAV version in Immunet is not the latest (there are plans to update the ClamAV engine in the mid term), so that might be part of the issue. Let me know. -Jose
  3. Jose

    Email Notifications

    Hi npoenn, I will bring this up on a meeting, but -speaking from my personal point of view- not entirely sure if this is a feature we want to add, since it would create quite a bit of overhead, and it could potentially be used for spamming third parties. (Or even worse, accidentally sending virus/security information of your computer to others). I will bring it up though, and see what the Devs think. Thank you for your suggestion. -Jose
  4. Hi loskamita, I will note your suggestion and pass it on (I believe similar have already been made: in that case I'll just re-bump it). As a side note, Immunet restore should not fail (the only 'expected' failure in traditional behaviour would be trying to restore a file that the user previously deleted in the history window). If you are having trouble restoring files, let me know. Thanks, -Jose
  5. Hi all, Just to say it once more, if you are still having issues please contact support@immunet.com. Additionally, the 'new' features were not features at all, but bugs with the User Interface. And, to answer loskamita's question about putting BitDefender in Immunet Free, the answer is that it is still on the table and we haven't made a decision one way or another in that respect. We will improve Immunet Free in the future, but this may or may not include current Plus Features (in addition to some entirely new aspects). Thank you, -Jose
  6. Jose


    Hi Maikuolan, This is not exactly the right place to post: Immunet is powered by ClamAV (as one of its several engines) but we usually don't discuss ClamAV by itself (at least not in the probable depth that you might be looking for). You probably would be aided much better by the mailing lists for ClamAV (not exactly a forum, but you can get feedback there). You can see the ClamAV mailing lists here: http://lists.clamav.net/mailman/listinfo/clamav-users Cheers, -Jose
  7. Hello, At this time we would like to announce a new version of Immunet 3 (version 3.1.13) which should resolve any issues that may have been caused by the upgrade to version 3.1.12 which was released on June 27, 2014, including interacting with the Settings page and losing access to Immunet Plus features. If you have previously performed a clean uninstall and reinstall of Immunet 3.1.12, after an upgrade to 3.1.13, you are now able to re-activate your Plus account via the Settings page. We apologize for any inconvenience that these issues may have caused you. If you are still experiencing issues with this release, please feel free to contact support@immunet.com. Thank you, Immunet Support
  8. Hey, We are aware of this issue and are working on it. I'll update the thread shortly with instructions. Thank you for your patience. -Jose
  9. Hey thecomputerdude, Thanks for taking the time to let us know. Sorry about the delay in getting back to you. I'll talk to the folks over here to get that particular file branded as malicious. It might be useful if you could send us the file to support@immunet.com (please make sure it is ZIPPED with a PASSWORD), so that we can confirm its maliciousness faster ( we can't just brand it malicious because 1 customer and a few competitors say so, we still need to look at the file. No disrespect intended). And to answers your topic title question, yes Immunet continues to add detections for malicious software every day. Thank you, -Jose PS: And also thanks Ritchie.
  10. Hi Vishnu, Hmm... That is probably that the User Interface has not been updated (which might take a little bit of time). If you force the User Interface to restart, it should correctly state whether or not Immunet is connected to the cloud. A way of doing this is to close the Immunet window, AND right click on the Immunet Icon on the lower right pane (hide Immunet). This will still keep the engine running (aka, you are still protected). At this point, attempt to open Immunet again (through the Desktop shortcut, or the start menu). After one attempt, it should recreate the Icon on the lower right. After another click, it should reopen the window. It should now say 'Immunet is connected to...' if it has a working connection. Cheers, -Jose
  11. Hi Vishnu, Just to clarify a couple of things: Plus version still exists and is supported: it is no longer sold however. And the Community panel is from Immunet 3.0 (note the '0'). We are already in versions 3.1+, and that part was removed during the transition. Cheers, -Jose
  12. Hi Vishnu, They GUI will be greyed out only if the following conditions are met: -The Service is not Running (most likely a bug if you did not do it yourself) -The service is not properly connected to the GUI (rare bug) OR -It is not connected to the cloud AND you don't have ClamAV or TETRA enabled (or you do have them but without definitions). Whenever you get the message 'Immunet is connected to... ', then at that point you are connected to the Cloud, whether or not the Threat number is properly shown. -Jose
  13. Hi Vishnu, Thanks for the report, just wanted to let you know this is a known issue, but it is only cosmetic: the agent should still be working appropriately. Let me know if you got any questions. Thanks, -Jose
  14. I'll bring this up (forgot to answer to this topic) for sure to see what they think. Cheers, -Jose
  15. Jose

    Context Menu Tray Icon

    Hey, I would personally keep ETHOS and SPERO active. These two engines are fairly light weight on their own, so their performance impact is quite small, and the added safety does not hurt. TETRA and Clam are the two heavier ones, so one of the two activate at one time is usually best (most people, like in your settings, use TETRA). -Jose
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