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    Change the GUI

    Hi! I just want to share with you my opinion re. the GUI of Immunet. I haven't used Immunet before I started translating the program's strings into Bulgarian . It is very nice but I think you should completely change the GUI and make it more uniqie . The registration , the first windows , the scanning dialog , the activities - it all reminds me of Norton 2009/2010. Give than your team is ex-Symantec's http://www.immunet.com/about/bios/index.html - well , this is a bit suspicious. Even though there are many AV products out there and they all look like each other you should make your user interface yours-uniqie. Thanks for reading this.
  2. I want to start a new topic in the Translation section but I am unable to because the button "Start a new topic" is grey. I would like to post a ready translation-Bulgarian language.
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