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  1. Hi Orlando, Long time no hear, Right! Since I wrote to you, many instances have occurred. Firstly if you remember, you put me onto Millard (I don't have dates)' I conversed with him and as far as I remember, I told hiim that I had fiddled with my XP's(SP 2) system by changing the registry to fool the system in thinking it was updating XP SP 3. Unfortunatel this upset the system somewhat. I then said to him that I was going to rectify the situation that I created, because at the time the thinking was that this change had some effect on loading Immunet and of course a number of other software programs that were on the system. I did rectify the issue, however I had upset the registry bank, so the thought was to re-format. However that is where it ends, because I never got around to doing it as this was my work notebook and I had to hand it in when I left my place of work. I now have ProBook and work for another company. So if you can pass this information onto Millard I will appreciate it. Thanks for the help that I received from You and Millard, but this was my own doing, and though the problem was never resolved we can all put it to rest. Treeline
  2. Hi Orlando, I have reloaded, however, I think I should have reloaded from Immunet, because I already had the setup.exe on my desk top. Now the window for registering the product is not there. In my opinion I think that I should Uninstall once again and go through the website, just to ensure that I am following the correct protocol. Perhaps my original setup was corrupted. Let me give this a try . I will come back and let you know the outcome. Cordialita, Treeline
  3. Hi Orlando, I should have added that I tried 5 different passwords. I also put in another email address. No luck. That algorithm keeps on coming up. Regards, Treeline
  4. Hi There, I loaded Immunet this afternoon (South African Time),and I can't register the product. An algorithm is incorrect. Please see attachment. Can someone point me in the right direction?
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