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  1. Is there a setting to temporarely disabling Immunet to do some testing. Most software have an option to do so on their taskbar icon. Thanks
  2. No matter when or how many scans I run, Immunet keeps saying "never" for Last Scan. When I first got Immunet a couple of months ago, it would show the date of my last scan. Now this is not a big problem, but surely it is a memory reminder for us old folks. Any idea why it is not recording the date?
  3. Dear Immunet: Of course you are not responsible for Panda. After using Panda Cloud Cleaner for a while, all of a sudden it deleted a whole bunch of starting icons and deleted some other programs. Spent hours putting it all back together. Suffice to say that I quickly deleted the infamous Panda forever. I use Immunet for antivirus protection and my question to you here is does Immunet have a (free) antimalware software. Maybe a cloud one that will not go on a destruction rampage of good files and programs??
  4. I don't understand how to select files, folders or drives to do a Custom Scan. When I open that option, it lists under My Computer all drives, Control Panel, shared documents, etc. From there, I am at a loss. I want to sort of mark a number of folders to scan and if at all posible, save the selection (under some kind of name) for future repeatitive use. Thanks for any heads up!
  5. Ningún problema José. Is there a way to delete/block the spam posted by "tcergnc" on this thread. Thanks.
  6. There is a whole list of files that show when I open History. What is the significance of them? are they potential threats? should they be deleted? risks of crashing something? Selecting any of them a window appears giving further details on them like what program created them, etc. Interesting information but I don't know what to do with it if anything needs to be done.
  7. Thank you José. I guess it is the same bug as the "Auto adjust clock for DST" is checked. I tried with unchecking this clock option and true enough Immunet records the correct time on the scan. Weird indeed! hope the bug is fixed soom.
  8. I am a new user of Immunet and I have noticed that the system puts the wrong time on the scans, 1 hour ahead of the actual time kept by Windows XP3. Could not find a way to correct this. Any suggestions?? Thanks
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