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  1. Hello Folks, If possible please verify this file is not infected as Clamav for Windows Plus indicates. File name: ExtraRenamer.exe File hashes: MD5 : 5179196127d3d5d02126ddace17ca77d SHA1 : d6571519b2ba70aea3d52948316c9af4ad2abb5e SHA256: eb9f85f2026ab55f774bdc3eac221998c8dd865eb26d387dd1a63f5c2fdf6f8c Clamav Reports Infected: W32.SPERO.Banker-1020 I have sent a separate email with attached file to support@immunet.com and Alfred@immunet.com
  2. Hello Folks, I am unable to restore a quarantined file using the Clamav Plus GUI. The error is something to the effect of "unable to restore quarantined file please check that agent is running. I have verified that Clamav agent is running. Made many attempts at downloading the file being quarantined and then try to restore it with NO results. Is there a manual way to restore the file in question from the "quarantine" file that Clamav creates? I see the "quarantine file that calmav creats in "C:\Program Files\ClamAV for Windows\Quarantine" the date and time stamp of the file is exactly when clamav reports that the virus was discovered. I would really like to restore this file. If the clam av mechanism to restore the file. is there another way to do it? Thank you toast..... Oh the file size is only 199K but for what ever reason I can't attach the file to upload. "you aren't permitted to upload this kind of file" nice......
  3. Hi Orlando, I am humbled to say that I am not experiencing the problem any more. Now I am questioning my self whether I really experience the problem at all! My apologies...toast.....
  4. Hello there is Immunet world, Today is Saturday, Sept 11, 2010 and I just ran a successful "update to clamav. When I click the "about" on the clamav main windows the results don't give the current version # ? Kinda weird because I know it used to. Is there another way to determine the current version # of clamav-plus that is running on my machine. The machine is Wiwndows 7 64 bit. running Clamav-Plus along with Avast Antivirus 5.0.677 Thanks... toast... No rush, I can see Immunet is swamped with more important issues.
  5. Sent it to your email....toast Also sent it to support@immunet.com earlier today....toast
  6. Hi Al, In fact the file is signed by Microsoft according to the properties of the file?
  7. Hi Folks, Looks like clamav is flagging a Windows Defender Update the file name is. mpasdlta.vdm I've attached a screen shot of Clamav summary. Machine: Clamav plus on windows 7 64 bit. Running along side avast. Thanks toast.....
  8. email sent with screen shot and suspect file.
  9. Hello all, Just got an alert that Chrome_updater.exe is infected. Infection name: is blank. Please advise on what to do. I see this has happened in the past. It's happening again. I tried to upload the file to the forum but attachment is reported to be too bog. size is 1.4MB toast.....
  10. @Al Interesting article posted by buckstar... check out the link above
  11. Very interesting 'm going to quote Al om this. Thanks buckstar.....toast
  12. Hi Al, Thanks for clearing that up, I must confess, whether the documentation was clear or not it would not of helped me. I'm one of those that fires first, then fires again, then get the shotgun out.... I must discipline my self to read! Also I stand corrected, on checking the the 32 bit machine that is running plus, "rootkit scan" does show up. Thanks again......toast
  13. All of the machines that are running clamav for windows plus are Windows 7 two of which are 64 bit and one that is 32 bit. All of the machines that are running clamav for windows free are Windows 7 two of which are 32 bit machines one that is 32 bit. Thanks.... Hope this info helps... toast
  14. Good day from the east coast of the USA.... Sorry for not being clear. I have 6 different machines running clamav for windows. 3 of which are running clamav for windows plus., and 3 running clamav for windows free. All of the machines running clamav free show the "scan rootkit option" but of course it is grayed out which it should be.. All of the machines running plus are missing the "scan rootkit" option, So it's not just 1 machine with this issue., and no single machine is running both free and plus versions. All 3 of the machines running clamav plus are also running Avast Free Anti-Virus. All 3 of the machines running clamav free are also running Microsoft Security Essentials. Hope this helps. If you suggest I re-install all 2 machines running plus I will, but I would like you to rethink that idea since it's not just 1 machine. Thanks for your help.... toast
  15. Hi All, I am running both Clamav for windows free and plus, the free version scan now dialouge box has the Rootkit Scan option greyed out. The Plus version does not have the option at all. It's missing| How come? Was it eliminated in the plus version? Both my free version amd plus version of Clamav for windows is Thanks... toast
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