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  1. I would like to see some sort of documentation aimed at network administrators who wish to deploy the software to a number of workstations. With version 2 we deployed the installations silently by passing /S /qn to the installer, which seemed to work fine for us. Doing the same thing now with 3.x does in fact work, but defaults to the limited time trial of Plus. What I would like to see is some sort of documentation, even if its just a forum post, that lists some arguments that can be passed to the installer to specify various install options.
  2. Hello, I deploy the Immunet software to our workstations silently by using /S /qn, however since the upgrade to 3.0.0, the software now installs as the 14 day trial of Immunet Plus when using this method. What I want to know is if there is any documentation out there that specifies any command line arguments that I can pass to the install to specify how I would like the product to install (Cloud+Clam is the option we want). If there are not any options that can be passed to the installer, I would like to know if there is a setting in a file or a registry key that can be changed to change the product from being in the 14 day trial mode of plus, to one of the other two options. Thank you for your great product. --- Mike Reardon Network Administrator Beaufort Delta Education Council
  3. Hi Ed, We use WPKG here to deploy the software. The installer is run with /S /qn which performs a completely silent install. We then configure the agent post-install by stopping the service, the replacing the local.xml with one that we have preconfigured. This method has worked great for the 2.0.x series, but now with 3.0.x we have found that the silent install installs the 14 day trial and it is causing quite a few headaches while we try to find a way to work around that and silently install the free version. I hope this helps some. --- Mike Reardon Network Administrator Beaufort Delta Education Council
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