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  1. I downloaded Immunet Protect on my home computer and then decided it was unnecessary as I've Systemsuite Utility programme installed, so I uninstalled it in the normal manner. While installing the new version of Systemsuite, (11), I noticed that I still had some Immunet files although the programme wasn't there. I did a file search and tried to delete all Immunet files that were detected, by highlighting and pressing delete and if that didn't work by using a 'File Unlocker. Now with the new version of Systemsuite there were compatibility problems. The computer continually keeps locking up. CTR ALT Delete brings nothing, and I must switch off the machine by pressing the power button for several seconds and then start the machine again. The 'locking up' can occur every few seconds or after an hour and it doesn't matter what programme is running. I decided to reinstall Immunet Protect and then uninstall it using Revo Uninstall. Unfortunately the programme would not install correctly and while installing I kept getting the following - Error opening file for writing C Program Files etc.........2.0.17\driver\ip\immunet protect.cat " is\ " self protect.cat " " " .inf " " .sys " " \uninstall.exe " " \driver\ip\immunet protect.cat " " " .inf " " " .cat If I ignore the above and install what is possible, when I uninstall again using Revo I still have the following files - IP.EXE, IP.sys, IPSelf protect.sys, IP.cat, IP.inf, IP.sys, IPself protect.cat, IPself protect.inf, IPself protect.sys How can I delete all Immunet Protect files as it's becoming a big problem? Thanks
  2. As both agent.exe and iptray are listed as processes in my Task Manager, I'll assume that Immunet protection is operating. Thanks for your help chaps/esses
  3. [quote Is iptray.exe active in your task manager? Yes, it is listed.
  4. I recently installed Immunet but it doesn't show as an 'active' icon in my taskbar. When I check the processes in Windows Task Manager 'agent.exe' is listed. My settings are to 'Hide Inactive Icons' Is it working or not? Thanks Benz
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