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  1. Hi Forum Folks I am running Immunet 3.0 on Windows Home Server 2011. I am very happy with it but I have just discovered that it is the cause of an issue I have been trying to resolve for a long time now. I have 3 other client PCs running windows 7 and MS Office 2010. I use the Windows Home Server as a central location for my family members to save their documents. eg a Word Document is located on a folder on the Home Server. I log onto my client PC and open the Word Document from the Home Server. I edit the document and press save to save my changes back to the Home Server. The save takes around 30-45 seconds for a small 2K document. The same problem occurs if I open a text document in Notepad in the same was as above although the save takes 10 seconds when it should be 10 milli seconds for a small text document. I know that is is not a network issue because I can copy the same files across the network in Windows Explorer and it happens instantaneously. I just discovered that if I turn the "Monitor Program Install" option off in Immunet "General Settings" then repeat the process above the save is instantaneous as I would expect. Is there some way of fine tuning the functionality of "Monitor Program Install" so that it does not cause the problem above? Alternatively, would you recommend I just leave this option off. Remembering that it is a home server and I rarely install software on it. Thanks in advance davros30
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