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    Hi, thanks for replying and handing on. I know that, and it's also true to other complemental/companion AVs. But I think Immunet have tested compatibility in there test environment, doesn't it? I found a document impliying above (or something like that) when I firstly got Immunet Free. This is great cuz as I mentioned, there can be invisible compatibility problem, like avast + comodo FW, which is known as golden combination however they have(had? I don't know exactly) a problem related avast's proxy. Zemana also have public compatibility list, but it's an anti-logger and only paid version has realtime protection. >I also saw your other thread: I expect it to be related to the False Positive? Actually not, I just want to maximize immunet protection unless they produce a large amount of warnings (well, but if I could turn off heuristics, possibly I can avoid FPs without turning off protection). So far, Immenet rerely makes FPs on my use except that one, that's good!
  2. Thank you ritchie58, I'll follow your advice to avoid possible problem. All right Jose, I've emailed it, please confirm. If you need another info, please email me or post here! Cheers!
  3. I think it's beautiful thing that Immunet have official compatible/incompatible list, it gives me confidence in compatibility, while some other complementally AV vendors says "Our product is perfectly compatible with any other AV!" when some of their customer reports possible compatibirity issues and be replied "It's matter of your settings". It's possible that invisable(at least to average user) conflict occurs while apparently there's no problem. However, Immunet's official compatible application list is now too old and doesn't make sense any more. It's for Immunet 2.0 and 2009 or 2010 version of other AV. I would very appriciate if Immunet publishes latest compatibility list. And also, if they can add option to the level of heuristics(i.e. OFF/LOW/HIGH), it would be good IMHO.
  4. Today, Immunet Free detected and quarantined a file which seemed to be a component of the Microsoft's regular update. I can't recall detection name (it said like *.clamav.*, but I'm not sure whether it was worm or trojan), but file path is C:\Windows\winsxs\Temp\PendingRenames\(Random characters).amd64_microsoft-windows-wintrust-dll_(Random characters)_6.1.7601.18205_none_(Random characters)_wintrust.dll_abec426a. I restored the file and rebooted to complete update, and so far there's no problem on my machine. However the file disappeared probably because it is temporary file and no more needed. I belive it is false positive(at least, Norton with aggressive heuristics didn't make any warning and after rebooting I made fullscan with MBAM then no malicios item found), but I can't confirm or even submit it because the file disappeared. This is the second time I get confused by Immunet when windows update, first time I submitted the file but now I can't and also I'm a Free version's user, so I post it for imformation. My system: Fujitsu FH550/3A(aka F553AB) CPU: Intel core i3 350M Mem: 8GB OS: Win7SP1 64bit Main AV: NIS(latest) Immunet version: (All protection enabled) also, .NET Framework4 & EMET4.0 installed Sorry for poor English.
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