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  1. Ritchie, Thanks for your detailed reply. I also like Immunet as a light additional malware protection which compliments a primary protection solution. I am familiar with all your recomendations. The only differences in my approach is that if a computer is infected and the realtime detection did not take care of cleaning the infections, I then boot from a CD or USB driver running linux and scan the drive. This way you eliminate any conflcits with with virus and your machine.
  2. Ritchie, I tried setting exclusion, unistalled immunet, but saved settings but selecting the unistall option to allow reinstall. Rebooted and W Defender was active again. Set exclusions in W Defender for Imunet directories. Re-installed Immunet but W defender was turned off again. Action center states another anti-virus software is installed. What else can I do? I thought these programs could co-exist?
  3. Ritchie, I installed 3.1.8 and it disables Windows Defender in win 8.1. I did add the exclusion in Immunet. So what do I do now? Uninstall immunet and re-enable defender and add the exclusion and reinstall immunet? Currently I can not enable Win Defender with Imunnet installed. Thanks,
  4. I see that Immunet's new releases support Win 8 and 8.1. I will need to retry Immunet on my win 8 PCs. Can Immunet on win 8 co-exist with Defender in the new release?
  5. I will do this weekend. Just do not have time at this moment. Thanks for responding to this post.
  6. I liked the structure of Immunet supporting a friendly co-existence with a primary anti-virus anti-malware agent. Since windows defender for window 8 supports antimalware with antivirus, with Immunet, only there is only anti-virus.
  7. Immunet 3.0 detected a false positive for google documents with a .doc extension. Has anyone else seen this?
  8. After installing Immunet 3.0 on a windows 8 machine, it does not co-exist with Windows defender. Windows Defender for win 8 is both anti virus and anti malware software. Once installing Immunet 3.0, the OS disables windows defendor and informs you that no malware software is present. Would be nice to run Immunet with Windows Defender as with windows 7 when one can run security essentials with Immunet 3.0. I tried having Immunet update to newest release, disabled it in the services panel, let windows defender run, then restarted the Immunet service. But after starting the service the windows defendor was turned off by the OS. Is there any work around for this?
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