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  1. I recently decided that my system was infected due to the way it was responding. After using a number of scanners hoping that it might catch something when I tried to install a security product it was being blocked by malware and not all scanners I tried were able to run. It was only spybot that found the malware and removed it but it left my system disabled in many ways and didn't remove the full infection. So I decided the best fix would be factory reset, not sure where I had got this infection but I think it was drive by downloads recently heard that malware was being pushed out through ads. So I think Immunet is working fine now and no longer need support through the forum. I appreciate the help and to answer your questions from your first post in order, first the issue I had was persistent each reboot it was being blocked from connecting to the servers, that was happening to me for a number of scanners I tried. Secondly I can't remember the version but I believe it was the one before the last update I currently have the most recent version and I am able to connect to the cloud just fine now after the factory reset. And lastly I made the exceptions I won't be installing AVG 2014 internet security this time as it was useless and third party test show its way below average I am using ClamAV engine enabled rather then installing anything else. Again I am greatful to the help but I don't believe I need any more assistance the problem was a infection that was blocking access to the update server and the cloud. Thank you again.
  2. Hi I just installed the new version and noticed that I am getting a error message when I click update. It reads "Could not connect to the update server (error 0), please try again. If the problem persists, please contact Immunet Support." I have had this issue now for over a day since I installed the new version. I have AVG Internet Security 2014 as well, I believe my system may be infected but I have been using a few scanners and they seem to come up clean. Any help would be greatly appreciated. A bit about my system windows 7 SP1 x64bit all updates and patches windows update as well as HP support updates for the rest that aren't on windows server. If I left anything out please reply thanks. BTW great update.
  3. Hi I am having a issue logging in to Immunet 3.0 the community part, I have not been able to use the community part meaning login and add people to my community it keeps getting an error message when ever I try to log in saying it can't contact the server I have a hardware firewall on my router but in the past I have have used Immunet without issues. Other then that everything else seems to be fine Immunet isn't restricted by my software firewall privatefireall 7.x. I am just coming back to immunet have been a long time user before I bought a license to AVG and wished I never did lol... I decided to remove it based on the latest test results AVG is very crappy it actually is under the default out of box windows 7 protection which is sad. That being said I'm back noticed a lot of improvements and glad to see everything is good and nice to see sourcefire is part of cisco and plans to keep everything as is. If anyone can help me out I would appreciate that I will be free today and this weekend making time to resolve this issue. Thank you in advance we have a great community here.
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