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  1. hi every 1 im just wondering how come this programme finds stuff avast anti virus cant i run avast as well as this well i scan with avast 1st ats clear then this 1. but this seems to find ones like bac.exe whatever that may be i think false positive i delete them though re run and im clear then. but just curious as to why this finds stuff avast cant. this scan today said it found 63 things just waiting 4 the scan to finish now so i can see whats happning.
  2. and thx bombastic 4 your help as well have 2 be carefull these days so many diff trojans virus malware going about but as u say false positves as well thx again guys
  3. ok i can see what u mean with the files and where they are one of them says this file path is c:/windows/temp/-avast/-unp120771917.tmp detection name w32.crypt but thats my avast anti virus programe though and i had to write it here the location as from immunet i couldent copy paste the file location and when i browse to the folder in c: windows its just my avast in there and nothing else and i did run fuill scan last night and it came back as clean so im guessing im ok
  4. hi just to say i re run scan all clear that other thing was false positive i deleted all and re run was all clear
  5. ok im re scanning now ive managed to delete them now if i see them come up again ill look to see where the files reside to and post back on here ok just hope i can find where they are i did me avast scan 1st all clear this thing went on to detect like 60 odd diffrent things i think another thing was a cd some 1 made of amiga games but there must have been malware attached to the files as i was getting back door trojan etc etc but im now re running the scan and ill post back wen i know more thx 4 the help
  6. hi i have windows 7 64 bit i run latesty version of avast as my anti virus. i also installed latest version of immunet but the problem being immunet immunet keeps pick up w32.crypt its quarantines it i delete it but it keeps alerting me in the taskbar its picked it up again any idea as to why this is happning any help would be greatful thx. it also picks up another 1 as well called banjob something like that hope to hear from any 1 that knows a work around on this problem. ps i posted here as i think there false positves ive heared that can happen so i posted here hope im in the right section of the forum.
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