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  1. My solution was: I installed the beta test, set this option there. Then I removed the beta, and I installed the Free version. Then it's working fine. :-)
  2. Hi! Yes, it is working. Special thank for you! I have only one problem: the big log file size. Can I limit the file size somehow? Because it's only 40GB sized virtual machine, and I need every GB on it to hold data. Thanks: dd
  3. Dear Jose! Yes, you are right. I have found them in wrong folder... :-( I checked it, and the beta is good for us. :-) Thank you for your great help! ;-) You're a kind man! Regards: dd
  4. Dear Jose! I sent the SDT. Did you have an idea about the problem? Now I use online eset scanner, because I'm tired of uninstalling the program before the using of VPN, and installing it later... Yours sincerely: dd
  5. Hi! And here are mine... No same option here... :-( http://postimg.org/image/41xzxqwxt/ BW: dd
  6. Dear Ritchie! Firstly: thank you! I'm very-very sorry, but I didn't find any option you talked about it. I can see only "Exclusions". This is the last option in general settings http://postimg.org/image/yxz6feywd/ Would you like to post an image about your option, please? May I did the mistake. Special thanks: dd
  7. I'm talking about the default Windows VPN (PPTP) connection. I didn't find any option in the free version. Where I can find it?
  8. Dear Support! I used Windows2003 server. Someone suggested the immunet because it's working in this kind of OS. I installed it then, it was ok. Today I tried to use my existing Windows VPN connection to access resources. But the connection failed (error 800). After I uninstalled Immunet and restarted the server, the VPN worked well. Then I installed Immunet again, restarted the server, and VPN isn't working again. Can I disable the VPN blocking somehow in Immunet Free? Thanks for your any help! Regards: dd
  9. Dear Jose! This is the screen URL: http://postimg.org/image/4aipl1y9j/ I clicked on Date choosing button, and then I got that JS error. I can reproduce everytime. Regards: dd Ps: and ok, I'm using free version, but I want to report it, to you know about it.
  10. Hi! I experienced this problem, I thought I report to you know about it. I tried to see the older quarantined elements, but I couldn't do it. When I try to enter some part of date, it's impossible because of read only control. When I try to click on right button to choose a date, I got Javascript error (some element isn't exists, " 'undefined' is null..."). Environment: Windows 2003 Server, english, with hungarian language set. Kind of regards: dd
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