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  1. Immunet 3 works perfect in my system (windows xp sp3) but in Immunet 5 the service don't start.
  2. Hello, I installed Immunet 5 beta (I had not the old version installed) and in settings i have not the tetra engine (only the cloud engines and ClamAV). I have windows XP SP3. Best regards, Stelica
  3. Hello Ritchie and happy new year! It is not old Comodo Antivirus. it is a new cloud-based antivirus which has two main components: antivirus and sandbox. It is still in beta. I've tested and the only thing I did not like was the fact that Firefox started harder. But they promise to solve the problems and final edition will be on January 12.
  4. If Immunet staff has no hurry to do something with this antivirus, a serious competitor will hit on the market: Comodo Cloud Antivirus. Best regards!
  5. Why Immunet continue to put in the quarantine Kasperski TDSSKiller, because it is a file absolutly clean? Thank you!
  6. Dear Team, I installed Immunet yesterday and I had no problem. But today I read IPTray log in C \ Documents and Settings \ All Users \ Immunet and Agent.exe log in C \ Program Files \ Immunet and saw some errors. What do they mean? For example: "ERROR: Failed to join the thread, handle lost" or "ERROR: Failed to initialize the CStateLicense" (IPTray log) and "ERROR: QueryTcp3::tryRecv/tcp3: recv len failed" (agent.exe log) I have Windows XP SP3 and I installed only Immunet and Privatefirewall. Thank you!
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