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  1. Immunet works great! I've tried to use only Immunet and not MSE alongside (as version 4.4 of MSE seemed to eat my CPU, an old PC). Immunet does not slow down my PC at all. When using Immunet alone I have run Malwarebytes and even SuperAntiSpyware and even Norman Malware Cleaner (and (Kasperskys antirootkit) very often to test. There has been no threats found, seems to work better than MSE alone. I will install it on my wife's PC (possibly the Plus version). I will even try Panda Cloud alongside on this one (Win 7). Thumbs up for Immunet!
  2. I'll be using: MSE + Free Immunet + malwarebytes (always been used) + the antirootkit from Kaspersky. Why not Panda Cloud? Before trying out Immunet first time, I tried Panda Cloud. Well, it made a lot of mess. It semmed to work fine until one day...and after that day I always had a boot issue. What happened was that the computer displayed a blue screen with white text saying a hard disk needed consistency check...Every time. And had to run through the check (could cancel it, but...). I tried Panda Cloud today alongside Immunet and the same happended again, 4 times out of 4! So I will not try it again... I'm happy with my new mix of the protection software, and think I will be. I appreciate the help I've got here.
  3. Thanks so far, I installed the free Immunet 3.0. Then I uninstalled it via Revo Uninstaller, and now Windows reports that only MSE is on. So this is a way that works. But - I'll give it a try!
  4. Ritchie, that's what's strange. There's no immunet-folder in C:\Program Files...no agent.exe or iptray.exe shown in processes in Task Manager. But as said, when turning off MSE the Win Sec Centre says "Immunet 3.0 er oppdatert og virusskanning er på" - that's Norwegian meaning "...is updated and virusprotection is on"... So I'm somewhat confused. The story is: I installed Immunet via filehippo.com. It caused no problem. But there was an update which caused some conflicts(many months ago), don't exactly remember what it was now... So I uninnstalled it. This is the story and the present situation.
  5. I installed Immunet. I uninstalled Immunet. This was more than six months ago. But Immunet is still there, so says Microsoft Security centre (Win XP Pro). If I turn off MSE it says that Immunet 3.0 is updated and protecting the PC. Turning MSE on it says that there is more than one antivirus installed. But I cannot find Immunet anywhere on the PC. No uninstaller, i.e Windows own or Revo etc. detects it. So it cannot be removed via theese ones. I've tried some Remove-Immunet-Tools, but its seems still to be there! Anyone experienced this? And is there a way to get rid of it -without reformatting the whole harddisk? Reinnstall it and the re-uninstall it? Sincerely,
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