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  1. Hi Jose, I have disabled a few things and process Immunet does till contact something I better wireshark i guess wtf However, seems to run now, but it runs like a hack And it is a good hack, but kinda uncleart roublesmome or something
  2. Hello, Any chance, someone can give me some directions to explore further all this? Next to proxy setting I would like to learn about freshclam.conf and freshclam.exe for example. Reason I am asking is that this seems the only place for Windows users of Clam, googling freshclam.conf gives many Linux results and I can work with that, but I don't have a Linux server running, lack of hardware, and room
  3. Hi Jose, I have set a proxy (internet explorer settings) and verified with firefox (use system proxy settings), that proxy is in working order. I have the standalone, i'm not yet at making it network wide or how you call that yet. that would be 'hobby'. now I can understand, it might be 2k3, but I ran W7 and it doesn't detect proxy settings either, but, that, might be my virtualbox. I am not sure here, i am also limited to give it another try (on a real machine), also, assuming with 2.5M users, that probably is virtualbox issue I have Tetra disabled. I do have checked a couple of things, for testing, I removed my gateway ip address in network tcp/ip settings and asked clamav to look for updates. This way, I ensure that clamav is looking for proxy. That gave the result I have attached to this post. That tells me, clamav report, no proxy detected (in settings, alle the way down) Then, it seems to do 'something', then uses proxy..... What made me write this post for your help (my first post, of this thread) is that I see several connections made by iptray.exe agent.exe Clamav connects with: engine.sourcefire.com amazonaws.com cloudfront.net Is there a way for me to alter it's settings? I added this to freshclam.conf (that extenstion, I recognize as non-Windows) HTTPProxyServer servername HTTPProxyPort 3128 That seems to do nothing. Could you give me some hints on how to approach this? I really would like to learn understand Clamav, whay you guys are doing, rocks. That also means: I ditched Symantec Corporate
  4. Hi Ritchie, thank you for pointing that out, I didn't notice this SDT tool at all. I have posted to support@ hoping to find a way to make Immunet use proxy
  5. Hello, I am a fan of ClamAV, it is very nice AV, it is not like annoying $$$$$$ AV soft. I would like to let ClamAV, update by proxy. There is no way of setting proxy with GUI. With, Settings -> Product Settings -> Proxy settings, it is saying, No proxy detected. Then I found out about freshclam.conf, I editted it, could not save, I stopped Immunet service, editted freshclam.conf, saves, started Immunet service I added in freshclam.conf: HTTPProxyServer 'servername' HTTPProxyPort 'portnumber' Is that the way for ClamAV to detect proxy? bc, I have set proxy in internet control panel, verified with firefox, firefox does find them Then there is also this freshclam.exe, see attachment? Please help me?
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