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  1. The licensed version will expire before we return from overseas. So ... I uninstalled Immunet 3 Plus and told it I was not intending to reinstall. Nonetheless, the Version 5 Install program CRASHED just as it has every other tine I've attempted to run it. So I tried reinstalling the Ver 3 "free" product but it wakes up in 14-day trial mode. Obviously it will stop running before our return. WHAT NOW?! (Very frustrated!!)
  2. I checked - our license for ver 3 Plus expires in 8 days. (I got it from Alfred Huger directly back in 2014) I will be overseas till late October. Should I just leave the existing "Plus" version running till then? Or will it stop functioning altogether in 8 days?
  3. Yes, our version 3 plus still has remaining time in its license. I'll wait time it time-exes and upgrade then. I wasn't sure whether 5 or 3 was the better choice at the moment.
  4. I have tried to install version 5 over my licensed Version 3 Plus on a Win10 machine. The INSTALL PROGRAM CRASHES repeatedly. I have rebooted in SAFE mode. It still CRASHES I have temporarily reloaded 3 Plus so that I have some protection. Please advise - ASAP! Michael.
  5. Suddenly YESTERDAY (26-07-15) Immunet found and quarantined 27 instances of clam.win.trojan.pcrat-1 Is this burst of activity a false positive caused by the update on the same day? Or was "clam.win.trojan.pcrat-1" just added to the database? How can I know for sure that these 27 quarantined files are actually infected?
  6. Have installed 3-PC 2Year license of Immunet 2 (all worked except for Thunderbird email). The Immunet install on one computer suddenly decided it was a "trial version" and was expiring. Re-entered original license key and it responds "Upgrade to Plus has failed!". Uninstalled and reinstalled. Same problem. Called the 1-866-891-4480 Immunet Technical Support number (as directed on all Immunet pages) - was told by "Debashis" that I must pay him for support or if I wanted "free" support as promised on Immunet web-site I must call 1-877-678-2096. I call that number and get a recording which sounds like to company is closed for holidays. I call the Immunet office number and get no answer at all. I call "Debashis" back (in India, I assume) who makes it VERY CLEAR to me that he is not going to help me unless I pay him. ?!@#$%^&* A little further research on the Immunet web-site finds the following: * Free Users: 1-866-891-4480 [wants to be paid] * Plus Users: 1-877-678-2096 [no answeer] Huh?! Can anyone in the online community help me??
  7. All were entered in the proper way and the system(s) rebooted many times. The problem exists on all three computers at this location, two XP netbooks and one Win7 desktop.
  8. It certainly is an Immunet flaw ... this is from Immunet's support site ... unfortunately, their fix does not work and it is VERY frustrating. Immunet Protect Plus interferes with Thunderbird for Windows. Immunet Protect Plus users who use Thunderbird may experience difficulty sending or reply to email when Immunet Protect Plus is installed. The current work around for this issue is to enter the following Threat Name exclusion in your settings: nsmail.tmp Once this exclusion is applied your Thunderbird installation should begin to work properly again.
  9. I cannot send emails from Thunderbird. I have done the Threat Exclusion thing. I have done the file exclusion thing, as in ... C:\Users\Michael\AppData\Local\Temp\nsmail.tmp C:\Users\Michael\AppData\Local\Temp\nsmail-1.tmp C:\Users\Michael\AppData\Local\Temp\nsmail-2.tmp C:\Users\Michael\AppData\Local\Temp\nsmail-3.tmp [...] C:\Users\Michael\AppData\Local\Temp\nsmail-10.tmp Nothing works. Do I have to uninstall Immunet to get this working?? I would email you directly about this but as I said "I cannot send emails from Thunderbird"!!!!!
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