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  1. I install version 3.1.13. 9... free, but no this setting Monitor Network Connections only these in the section General settings. Win XP Pro SP3 VPN L2TP. The way it should be?
  2. I can use the Internet because removed the program. Without the Internet does not start scanning, interface too, writes need the Internet. But when the Internet was the last version to scan only be executed from within Explorer and interface, but does not run from programs such as FreeCommander. My connect to the internet: VPN over LAN, not a VPN over the Internet.
  3. On a forum I go to the link I can download, save in the menu of the browser. I don't know why from the cloud zip archive is save as a file, without the extension with a different name. "Browser - Save target as", rename in the "name.zip" Program to upload files save without extension with a different name. Through the browser save normal. SeaMonkey. And look at the mail.
  4. Installed version the processor load 80-90% is gone. But other problems. sfc started running all apparently works without errors. Not is started a scan "Immunet Protect - Scan Now". My Internet provider connectivity technology VPN L2TP (no ssl). Network (LAN) connection is working ok. It is impossible to establish an internet connection after installing the version error internet connection number 651. Removed version internet connection works. Password: https://www.cubby.co...ef5c676a50a0686
  5. Ok. Disable sfc and visible changes do not see. Except missing load on the processor. After you disable sfc lost the ability to scan folders from the shell Exprorer. The inscription scanning have (Immunet Protect - Scan Now), but does not start. I start a scan from Windows Explorer menu only before the first reboot with enabled SFC. Can reinstall? 01:03 time soon sleep.
  6. What does the service sfc? After installation Immunet 3 when the computer starts the service sfc loading the CPU 80 - 99%. And so every time I turn on the computer. Because of this, there is no possibility to use the computer normally. Waited 40 minutes load CPU 80 - 90% (sfc). It don't fit me, rebooted Windows went into safe mode and turned off the automatic startup of this service (sfc). Windows XP Pro SP3 single-core processor 2400 Hz. I don't use router and I don't use automatic connection to the Internet.
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