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  1. I edited my original post and added Immunet screen shots. Let me know what you think. Why would Norton be putting tmp files around in my ../Programs (86)/.. folders? I am using the program interface and looking at scan history. I also get the popup with Threat Quarantined pointing to the same Trojan name.
  2. I am running the trial version of Immunet. I get warnings of a trojan located in a tmp file in one of my ../Program (86)/.. subfolders. Immunet quarantines it. I delete it, Then in a day or so, it shows up again in another subfolder. I assume there is something putting these trojans into my system after they were cleaned out. Here is the type of information I get: C:\Program Files (x86)\Seagate\Seagate Dashboard 2.0\00031004.tmp is Trojan.Generic.9853649 C:\Program Files (x86)\Seagate\Seagate Dashboard 2.0\00019370.tmp is Trojan.Generic.9853649 How can I find the source of these and remove them once and for all? Thanks, I started looking through file history "All File Events" and found a place where it claims Norton is installing the trojans. The information looks like. Is this a false positive or is my Norton infected? Here is another alarm from Immunet about Norton. What is going on here. I thought Immunet was suppose to be compatable with Norton and other standard anti-virus software. Is my Norton infected or is Immunet wrong? Thanks
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