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  1. I understand what you are suggesting but if a "bad operator" installs Immunet on his machine he knows this info and should be able to then deposit his payload someplace in that folder and it is then safe from scanning. That is also the problem Nirsoft and any other program that uses "hacking" like programs. For Nirsoft's programs I installed them on a USB stick and only placed the few apps I call from my batch on my HD and add them as exclusions.
  2. I would like to know the folder location that Immunet uses for quarantined files so that I can add that folder as an exclusion for other scan programs. Win 7 64bit Immunet 6.5.0 The reason is that I run an unattended overnight batch doing back ups and other housekeeping and then on different nights runs scans using Immunet, Windows Defender, or AdAware. I would like to place each scanners quarantine folder as an exclusion in the other scanners.
  3. My warnings are in FireFox profile. They resulted from the simultaneous opening of eight (8) URLS with an additional two URLs already opened. I disconnected my Win 7 Home SP-1 64 bit PC from network. I manually deleted all items in quarantine and noted several that were detected but Immunet was not able to quarantine. I ran a quick scan and two items were removed. Additionally Immunet shut down!! Without me closing it. I reinstalled using an up to date copy I have resulting in, reconnected the network, and then an update check says everything up to date including definitions installed one hour before problem started. I repeated the the simultaneous opening of eight (8) URLS with an additional two URLs already opened with the result the same except Immunet did not shut down. So leaving the Immunet results alone I opened each URL one at a time and Immunet duplicated its quarantines and quarantine failures. Perhaps the definition file has an inappropriate addition for its newest info? This could be tested if Immunet could supply an older definition file for testing. If this keeps up Immunet will not be of practical use.
  4. Win 7 SP-1 64 bit Immunet currently but the following applies from earlier versions. I run an unattended overnight batch to do backups and scans for various "bad" actors. On Wednesdays Immunet does the scan but, since there is no command line interface I use a "button pusher" called PTFBpro to do the work. Following is a simplification of my commands: ---- Early in batch --- CALL "C:\Users\...\Documents\Batch Files\_Versions.bat" Y < extracts current version of Immunet (every day) SET "_ICF=C:\Program Files\Immunet\%ImmunetVer%" <_ICF is location of current version --- Wednesday --- SC START ImmunetProtect_%ImmunetVer% > NUL & TIMEOUT 30 > NUL <restart service shut down earlier in batch START "" "%_ICF%\iptray.exe" > NUL < opens Immunet GUI so PTFBpro can act START "" /WAIT %PTFB% 74F5 < Runs Immunet Full Scan and proceeds after PTFBpro completes Immunet runs the scan. PROBLEM: After the scan Immunet GUI always displays Last Scanned as "Never" and "Not Secure" even though the scan has completed. If I run a Flash Scan that completes in about 32 seconds and reports "Secure"with the proper scan date and time. After a short time (sorry not measured) it again displays Last Scanned as "Never" and "Not Secure". QUESTION: Does Immunet report scan errors to a user or only logs problems in its log without any indication? After scan completion I look at the Clean File History and there are always files there with the correct date and time.
  5. One can delete the folders and files by going into Task Manager-Services and stopping "Immunet 6.0.4". After deleting 3.1.8, 3.1.13, and 5.0.2 I restarted the service. Ritchie, upon your advice I left 6.0.0 and 6.0.2 folders.
  6. Win 7 SP-1 64 bit Currently running Immunet and having a few (minor?) problems but before I work on them I investigated and find I have folders from old versions still in C:\Program Files\Immunet. The folders are: 3.1.8 Driver folder, two logs and temp.txt (38.1MB) 3.1.13 One log (11.2 MB) 5.0.2 Twelve logs (534 MB) 6.0.0 DLLs and a log (4.16 MB) 6.0.2 DLLs and a log (6.04 MB) While their total is not very significant if they are not necessary I would like to delete them. Logs and Temp.txt should be OK to delete but DLLs and Drivers? OK to delete all of these folders which appear to have been left behind during upgrades?
  7. ebloch

    Scan Complete Notice

    Before I started this topic I used the Immunet GUI but it reported that my was up to date. The download from Immunet is but when I try to install it the report is that the version is already installed. To install it I would have to uninstall first. It appears Immunet install does not look beyond 3.1.13. I had looked at the db using sqlite but do not know how to find the data or extract it. I will "play" with sqlite but it would speed things up if someone at Immunet would make suggestions.
  8. ebloch

    Scan Complete Notice

    FYI: I am using Win 7 Sp-1 64 bit with Immunet The reason I wanted a text file was so I could easily add the results to my batch log AND use the file as a signal to my batch that the scan completed and the batch could proceed to the following steps. I currently look at the GUI and find that it reports, under "Last Scaned", Never even though history and summary show results. The GUI closes automatically after a scan and I do NOT know how to keep it open. My command is: START "" "C:\Program Files\Immunet\3.1.13\iptray.exe" and the scan is then run by previously started PTFBpro < http://www.ptfbpro.com/>, a "button pusher". I have searched in vain for command line instructions to run Immunet directly. I have looked at "C:\Program Files\Immunet\3.1.13\sfc.exe.log" and cannot find the info I want. One problem is extracting information since the log only has the month and day (Feb 25) without the year AND appears to only show Errors. The info I want is probably in "C:\Program Files\Immunet\history.db" but I am not familier with using batch commands to extract the data I want.
  9. I would like Immunet to produce a "clear text" notice when a scan has completed. Desired because I run Immunet using an unattended overnight batch and I cannot find any log file to easily extract this information from. I suggest a simple text file (ImmunetResult.txt) with the following information: - Date (mm/dd/yyyy) - Type of scan (Flash, Custom, Full) - Scan time (hr:mm) - Number of items quarantined (nn) This could be an option in the Settings - Notification Settings section. The file should only be generated AFTER a scan completes so its presence would also indicate that the scan has completed and a batch could proceed since the START "" /WAIT command does not work with Immunet.
  10. SFC.exe is present in "Windows Task Manager-Processes" when the ImmunetProtect SERVICE is running. What will cause the ImmunetProtect Service to STOP and therefore eliminate the SFC.exe process? I ask because for the first time I was unable to attend my batch until hours after a scan had completed and I found that the ImmunetProtect SERVICE had stopped which is not commanded by my batch. In fact, since that stopped sfc.exe, my batch stalled and would not complete until I manually restarted the service so the batch could read that sfc.exe used "0" CPU for 3 checks.
  11. Thanks for your quick reply. Until a better method shows up I will try the following. (New lines indented 3 spaces so one can see line wraps.) PTFB is a "button pusher" which runs an Immunet ful scan when the GUI opens. Every 120 seconds the SFC.exe CPU % is SET into AA. Count of AA at 0% is added to XX. If AA above 0% then resets XX to 0. When XX reaches 3 the batch continues. ECHOs show batch progress in CMD window and RPT is the saved batch log Should work unless unlucky and hit CPU=0 on three successive checks while still scanning. ===================================================================== START "" %PTFB% SET Linex=%Time: =0% Immunet Full Scan SET /A "XX=0" ECHO %SPC%%Linex% & ECHO. START "" "C:\Program Files\Immunet\3.1.13\iptray.exe" :ImmunetCheck TIMEOUT 120 > NUL "C:\Windows\System32\wbem\WMIC.exe" path Win32_PerfFormattedData_PerfProc_Process get Name,PercentProcessorTime | findstr /i SFC > D:\Temp.txt SET /P AA=<D:\Temp.txt SET /A "AA=%AA:~-22%" IF "%AA%" GTR "00" (SET /A "XX=0") ELSE (SET /A "XX=%XX%+1") IF "%XX%" LSS "3" GOTO ImmunetCheck ECHO %Linex% %Time: =0%>>%RPT% 2>&1 GOTO ShowReport =================================== The overnight batch runs every night but Immunet scans only on Wednesdays and I will wait for "real" results as the entire batch is run in the future. The above CMDs will impact Immunet's scan time so after it is proven to work I will add an initial TIMEOUT (before :ImmunetCheck) close to the "normal" scan time and then change the above TIMEOUT 120 to a lower value. Any suggetions appreciated.
  12. Win 7 Home SP-1 64 bit with Immunet I run an Immunet scan as part of an unattended overnight batch. To do this I am using a "button pusher" called PTFBpro. I would like to pause the batch until the scan is complete. The normal START "" /WAIT does not work. I heve tried WMIC to monitor SFC.exe CPU usage until it reaches 0. The problem is that the SFC CPU usage is not consistant and even shows some momentary 0 values DURING a scan and positive values when Immunet is NOT scanning. Is there a method to monitor when a scan has completed?
  13. Recently updated to a boot SSD and now Immunet has both "Scan Now" and "Settings" grayed out so will not work. Had worked previously but I do not know if the change to SSD is the problem. No services appear to be installed and running ipsupporttool fails with log entries including "SCM::QueryService unable to open service handle : 1060 : The specified service does not exist as an installed service." Log file attached. So I attempted an uninstall so I could reinstall and the uninstaller reported that it could not stop the service so failed to uninstall. Booted into "safe" mode with the same result. Tried to install current new download and it reported Immunet 3 is already installed and would not go further. Tried various "fixes" from this forum but no joy. How can I remove all Immunet traces so I can do a new install? I can use RegEdit if required.
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