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  1. Hi Jose, Thanks for the update! Is there anything significant in this version that would necessitate an upgrade? If so, are there any settings etc. that need to be saved before I do a full uninstall? Thanks! Liam.
  2. Hi, I am on Windows 7 Home Premium SP1. Filehippo is telling me that my version of Immunet Free is out-of-date and needs to be updated to version (http://filehippo.com...t_protect_free/) When I attempt to install from either Filehippo OR from the Immunet website, I get a message that Version 3 is already installed. However, the "Current Version" on the Immunet dashboard is showing See screenshot at: https://www.dropbox....net_Version.png which shows the console with the Filehippo website information in the background. Is the version number correct in the dashboard or is there a known issue with the installer? Thanks! Liam.
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