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  1. You probably have verbose notifications turned on, this will notify you of most activity seen by Immunet, we don't recommend using this feature. To turn off verbose notifications go to Settings -> Notification Settings -> turn verbose notifications to Off. You can read about this feature at: http://forum.immunet.com/index.php?/page/index.html/_/knowledge-base/immunet-protect-3-0-user-guide-using-immunet#Notifications
  2. Thanks for posting the FAQ Ritchie! _____________________________________________________ Hello Chaypie3, I just wanted to call this part of the FAQ out: Your initial download of the product from the point of purchase will be a fully licensed copy of your product If you used the link you were emailed to download the other two copies, the license will already be entered. If you want to double check that the license is there, open Immunet, go to settings, scroll down to Product License and verify that the key is present. If it isn't you can enter it here. Clay
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