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  1. Immunet detected CCleaner druing downloading and installing,the detected file which name System.dll, seems a false positive, please check it, thanks. The zip password: a Also it seems strange that Immunet cannot detect a file which in exe package, Immunet will detect the file only when I execute or extract it from the installation exe package, I think this is not a good thing. please improve it. And also Immunet have a bit too much false positive than other vendors, please improve it, too. System.zip
  2. rsmith, Seems the false positive not solve yet, does it like the false positive of Kaspersky's Tdsskiller which difficult to fix? I want to know in regular how many days will consume to get false positive solved?
  3. Thanks for your guys response. I mean I just switch off "Monitor Program Install", "Monitor Program Start" in the setting in Immunet's gui during installation of Honeyview, then everything is ok, not so big problem. But for your website, indeed it should be maintained more frequently, because it is your product-Immunet's official page, for example if someone did not have any method to send you file(no matter malicious file or false positive report) through your website, he may get upset and lose interest in your product, because not everyone willing to register an account to report things. and it's not a good thing that let ritchie58 take so many time to report everyone's question to Immunet team, that's too tired. Anyway, thanks for you took a look for this problem!
  4. Jose, thank you for yours response. I will keep use Immunet no matter if it have TETRA, in personally I hope Immunet can still be a companion antivirus in future, but include other feature like deep scan, rootkit scan etc that plus version have, just like Emsisoft(they claim they are compatible with other antivirus, too), can be a complete standalone, and also a companion antivirus. And to fblais, like Jose said, those four "features" are just bugs with the User Interface in the setting, ClamAV is still in Immunet, no matter local or cloud. and I like ClamAV, although it's detection rate may not so good and has many false positive now, but it is opensource and free, with Cisco support and Immunet cloud, I think it has potential and will become more strong in future.
  5. Please consider change quarantine way, if user set it to "Ask me", Immunet should ask whether user want to quarantine the file or not(or better, copy other antivirus like avast avg avira's quarantine way, make more selection), because if Immunet restore failed, it may become a trouble for user, thank you!
  6. support@immunet not work on my situation, I send email to support@immunet but return failure. I don't need to add a path exclusion because it's just a temporary file, all I have to do is switch off Immunet's realtime scan during installation. In my experience, Immunet's official page is outdate, and unstable.
  7. I think he mean the detail posted by iTrendsNET, free version has those features, but free version does not have, and still have advertisement in the Gui's sidebar, seems except bug fix it's complete the same with PROTECTION- Monitor Network Connections is a new option CLAM AV- No longer listed in options in this version! TETRA DETECTION ENGINE (Bitfefender)Allow Definitions Updates -is now enabled in free SCAN SETTINGSScan Email and Deep Scan from Plus version can now be selected in free I want to know if Immunet will keep TETRA engine in free version in future? because it's from Bitdefender, mean it's not free, so I think it may be ditched on June 10 2016. But if it be continued, or let Free version adopt Plus version's content, is it will still be a Companion Antivirus? Because Plus version seems not compatible with other Antivirus, so please give some explain, thank you!
  8. Yes, I have the same problem, too. Immunet did not remember settings. recommend other user upgrade later but not now, until problem solve. I also want to know is and above(future version) will still be a Companion Antivirus or not?
  9. Immunet still detect TouchURL.exe, I think Immunet team did not check this yet, can you report to them again? because I have reported to Immunet official page and their email but both not work, seems their web page and mail have problem, thank you.
  10. Immunet detected Honeyview druing installing, the detected file which name TouchURL.exe, seems a false positive, please check it, thanks. You can download the installation package from (http://www.bandisoft.com/honeyview/ing/). The zip password: a TouchURL.zip
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