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  1. Ritchie, I just ran another full scan. the results say clean but immunet is displaying a window which is informing me that it found 30 stealth items!... now 30! not 4 like before!?????? the really bad things that are irritating me so much right now are: 1) 14 days now after finding the first stealth items and still no answers from Immunet or the forum on what to do about them! and now I have 30!???? 2nd) that the little immunet window informing me of the stealth items offers NO recourse, NO action buttons! to deal with the found stealth items. So what is a person to do today with 30 stealth items?? 3) please some one tell me what is a stealth item any way? I started out all gung ho for Immunet, singing praises of it to many.... now I'm about to turn coat! Help Ritchie, Help Forum members, Help Immunet support staff! please, I beg of you!
  2. Ritchie forgive me for leaving you another message but I just thought of another question or two that I forgot to mention earlier. 1) I can not recall how to save to my desk top, a log report / scan report, from immunet, and do so as a txt file? 2) when I look at the immunet file history, I see several green check marks , and that I guess is good. But I also see both red pad locks and yellow exclamation marks. Ritchie, what do the red and yellow trying to alert me to? oddly enough these colors are beside the file names where supposedly the infections of the generic hidden root kits are. 3) so will these red and yellow "icons" ever turn to green check marks? if so , when? 4) how will I know that immunet has quarantined all threats and infections after there has been infections found? 5) should I be happy with all the new " safe files" immunet has installed on my computer.. when I really don't know what they are or for what web sites they are protecting me from etc? Thank s Ritchie, I greatly appreciate your answers!
  3. Ritchie, Here are some logs from scans that might help you folks when helping me. and then again maybe they won't but I'm trying to make helping me, easy. by giving you folks a lot of info. Delete this if you think it should be seen by others beyond those of the bonded and trusted experts like your self at Immunet. thanks Ritchie. Oh and I forgot to answer your question about Real player. yes real player does appear to function properly. RK { rogue killer} found issues I guess,as I'm no expert at interpreting the results from scans, and I don't completely understand the results or what to do now with the results. apparently there is or was registry or proxy or hosts issues and driver issues. It found issues with immunet and I think short cuts . what ever it is I saw the report labeled them as false. Can you look at the logs and determine if they are false and instruct me on how to proceed? checkup.txt4-29-2014.txt RKreport0_D_04292014_091309.txt RKreport0_H_04292014_091247.txt RKreport0_S_04292014_091112.txt RKreport0_S_04292014_091524.txt
  4. Hi Ritchie, I am not aware of any file or folder encrypting or locking program to be installed on the computer. and i looked in folder options and saw that the computer is set to NOT hide folders. So am I following you correctly? , help me to understand . I'm am concerned that I have not heard from any one at 'support' yet with answers and a solution! .....I feel time is running out to seriously address and correct this infection...I hope they respond today.. All I have received is a confirmation that my request for their help was submitted and received by them.
  5. Ok and thanks. now I'm a bit confused please help me to understand. Understand, I'm not a virus removal expert, not even close to one. I'm just a home owner with a desk top computer that is assumed to have infections. on the computer being scanned with combo fix, Combo fix is installed and up and running but it has stopped itself and announced that immunet3 is running and should be turned off in order to get a better and more through scan of the entire system. And that is in agreement with the instructions from the individual who is helping me at bleeping computer. So I'm not clear on how adding combofix as an exclusion with immunet3 would help?
  6. Help......-Hi,I'm working with some one to clear an infection and I need an immediate reply to tell me how to temporarily disable Immunet3 protection so that I can run a Combofix scan. But I can't find a means to do that. I have right clicked on the icon on the tool bar and see no way to do this there. I also don't see a means to do this when i open immunet3. I'm using Windows XP with service pack 3
  7. I know little about removing rootkits and infections, I'm no expert, just a home owner with a desk top comp. running windows XP with service pack 3. I'm also very new user of Immunet3 having never used immunet before, and I need your help please. My computer was acting up severely, and wouldn't install updates from windows. Unknown to me the computer was infected. I had microsoft essentials even! Thus I wasn't able to get the latest updates for XP. I dropped essentials and found immunet3 just a week ago. It found 53 infections! I have been trying to educate myself on my own about using immunet and properly setting it up and using it to remvoe infections and protect my computer. I have reached a point where I don't understand what to do or how to interpret the results from scans. 1) Last night I ran a rootkit scan plus, with Immunet3. Results indicate 31 stealth items were found! I don't know if these were quarentined, removed, corrected, or are still on the loose? Can you tell me? 2) I don't see a means to save the list of found stealth items to a txt file, is there a means to do so? So I can post the list here for experts to better help me. examples of two of the stealth items is: AppData.folder.dat and also : LocalAppData.folder.datmusic.folder.dat 3) Also, immunet3 reports that there are 4 generic rootkits it failed to quarentine. what do I do about these?... they are: W32 generic hidden rootkit, in C : document and settings \biomed \ application data \real\ update\ upgrade helper\ realplayer \ 10.80 what little I know about root kits and infections , leads me to believe The same kootkit is listed in these locations : temp ; upgrade helper; real player; and 10.80 mayday! Thank you
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