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  1. WIN-system restore is not nice but a trial maybe. best wishes - Sven PS: read here also: http://forum.immunet.com/index.php?/topic/909-how-to-post-an-effective-bug-report/
  2. Hi Ritchie. Yes, unfortunately, as you see. To find replacement will be hard ... I still have two years Immunet plus. Is it the period still safe? It will not be answered the questions in the other thread I think.
  3. The next good software is dying! Questions: How many freeuser are there? How many plususer are there? Be taken over PlusFutures? -Detects Advanced Threats? -Protects All Emails from Viruses? -Protects Archived Files? -Removes Rootkits? -Deep Scans? -Advanced Packer Support? -Scheduled Scanning? unhappy regards Sven
  4. Hi Ritchie, Thanks for the hints. I would like encryption of all disk partitions, including the system partition. I think DCrypt that can. I still want wait, then try it. First Lavabit, now TrueCrypt. http://www.theguardi...n-snowden-email What thinks Amerika? What you think? Forced? Hacked? Serious defects? best wishes Sven
  5. TrueCrypt is dead! http://truecrypt.sourceforge.net/ Do not downloaded the version 7.2! Use not Bitlocker. http://www.ghacks.ne...n-in-windows-8/ Who has experience with https://diskcryptor.net/? Or has someone another idea? http://www.ghacks.ne...n-alternatives/ best wishes Sven
  6. some ideas: Installed another virus scanner? Reboot computer? Immunet installed with administrator rights?
  7. Guys, whatever they say. Changes your Paypal password also.
  8. Sveni

    Context Menu Tray Icon

    Okay, i have ETHOS & SPERO activated. Thank you both very much. Bye, Sven
  9. Sveni

    Context Menu Tray Icon

    Thank you Jose for the explanation. PS: Today I have installed Immunet on WIN8.1.(my father's computer) No problems, all fine Are the following settings okay for optimal safety and performance? THX Sven
  10. In tray icon context menu is the "gaming mode", "Start Flashscan" etc.. Would it be possible to integrate "block mode" to even. In Some applications (online Games) does of the "block mode" slow down the machine. THX and Bye Sven
  11. What you selected in the dropdown-menu? Can you post screenshot of it?
  12. Thanks Jose for the confirmation and info. Bye Sven
  13. Try upload to https://www.virustotal.com/ or http://virusscan.jotti.org/de.
  14. The context menu in Windows Explorer works perfectly. In Total Commander, in Norton Commander and SpeedCommander is the context menu has no function. The Scan (The scan menu) will not start. Can anyone confirm? Is aware of the problem? System WIN7 64bit Immunet Thank you in advance Sorry for bad english Best regarts Sven Edit: You can test with Portable FreeCommander: http://www.freecommander.com/fc_downl2_en.htm
  15. Hi Guys, Thank you for v3 Immunet! I have now bought 3PC license. Will test on WIN8.1 soon be(On my father's PC). Have been no money spent on antivirus software. Want this project but absolutely support There are no problems, only your website is not up to date (screenshots, etc.) Sorry for my Google Translate English Best Regards from Saxony Great job! By Sveni
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