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  1. Hello Ritchie58 Wll do. Thanks for your help. Best Regards
  2. Hello Sveni Thanks for your reply. I have tried restoring the quarantined files from Immunet to upload to virustotal. Immunet created a temp file which virustotal cannot recognise. Is there someway for the file to be converted so that virustotal can recognise it? My apologies if my questions are simple. I am not a tech-head and am new to this. Thanks qurious
  3. Hello Immunet has quarantined 2 files: 1. clam.exploit.java.kaixin-1 2.spyware.hacktool.smz I am trying to determine if these files are false positives or real threats. Immunet says the original file path was C:\Windows\Temp\BF482F53-D448-408C-9637-9647BF604991-Sigs\0C22E2E3-6F20-47D0-8F06-AED3A0976B71mpavdlta.vdm.new.temp. However, the folder C:\Windows\Temp\BF482F53-D448-408C-9637-9647BF604991-Sigs is empty. Could anyone please advise if they have any experience with these files? Thanks qurious
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