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  1. Hey jc1, Although these reviews are out dated, there was a list of multiple reviews here: http://forum.immunet.com/index.php?/topic/492-immunet-reviews/?hl=%2Bcompanion+%2Bproduct&do=findComment&comment=2839 These were from 2010, when cloud based anti-virus protection was still growing, however, a lot of what is said can still apply today like being up to date with the latest malware definitions. Sadly, I cannot compare Immunet with other cloud based AV products that have emerged since then, but this should give you a good impression of what other people think about Immunet. Lorne
  2. This forum is meant for Immunet users, maybe you should install it and run a full scan, it might pick up the adware for you. Here is a download link http://download.immunet.com/push/immunet/ImmunetSetup.exe. Otherwise you can try other tools online such as Malwarebytes or any other free anti-virus products like Avast. Furthermore, what anti-virus products are you using currently? Have you already attempted to clean your computer? Let me know if you can't seem to fix this issue. Edit: Make sure you are using Windows XP or Windows 7 for Immunet to work properly. It does work occasionally with Windows 8, but not reliably.
  3. I am not quite sure where you downloaded it from, but this forum is intended for Immunet users. You can find an Immunet download here: http://download.immunet.com/push/immunet/ImmunetSetup.exe It comes with the ClamAV engine which you are able to turn on/off from the Immunet interface general settings. No need to manually run any ClamAV files. Regards, Lorne
  4. Hey sethbgm, Unfortunately, Immunet does not support Windows 8.1. Currently I have it working on a Windows 8.1 machine and can't seem to reproduce the errors you seem to get, however, I remember seeing the same behavior you described when I was using it on a personal machine. I am not sure what happens over time or what could be preventing it from connecting to the cloud. Re-installing sometimes seems like the best option if it will work since it is fairly quick to do so. It may be worth looking into a new solution since Immunet does not plan on supporting Windows 8.1 and you do not want to be left unprotected for long periods of time. I understand it's for non-profit, but we do offer more permanent solutions which were developed further after Immunet. If you're curious you can find out more at this link: http://www.sourcefire.com/solutions/advanced-malware-protection best regards, Lorne
  5. yigido, Sorry about that, it will have to be emailed to us. There's a fairly good description to put a password on your zip folder here: http://www.instructables.com/id/Add-Password-Protection-to-any-zip-Folder/ I also removed the file above, it is no use to me. Thanks, Lorne
  6. Hey yigido, There is a post explaining submissions for false positives here: http://forum.immunet.com/index.php?/topic/2027-how-to-submit-a-false-positive/ If you want to email it to us directly (support@immunet.com) you will need to add a password to the zip folder. Depending on the zip tool you use, you shouldn't have any trouble finding instructions online for how to add a password when creating a compressed folder. Regards, Lorne
  7. aris95, Yes Immunet Free is available for use anywhere it is compatible, there should be no issues using it with any non-profitable institutions. Regards, Lorne
  8. Hello aris95, Here is a link which lists the requirements for Immunet: http://www.immunet.com/plus/requirements/index.html If you meet the requirements, there should be no reason why Immunet cannot be used in those environments. Other anti-virus programs (not including the ones listed in the requirements) may also be compatible, however, we have not fully tested them alongside Immunet. Regards, Lorne
  9. Hey spaceage, We don't officially support Windows Home Server. You can find our requirements here: http://www.immunet.com/plus/requirements/index.html. However, it should install and will potentially give you no problems. If the installation fails, you may try installing via Terminal. To do so, go to the start menu and open Command Prompt from Accessories. Run the command "start C:\path\to\installer /skiposcheck1". The flag at the end should disable any operating check the installer performs. We do not have a msi installer available, sorry for any inconvenience. Regards, Lorne
  10. Lorne

    Scan Complete Notice

    ebloch, You may need to upgrade to version You can download from http://www.immunet.com/free/index.html. Re-installing is pretty quick and painless, and you can keep old files. Unless the button is pushed, the UI should not be closing after a scan. Let me know if upgrading fixes these issues (including never scanned). If you wanted to be fancy you could use sqlite to pipe out the data you want from the history.db into a text file. However, this is not a conventional solution. Regardless, we will take your comments into consideration as we work on future updates. Thanks. Lorne
  11. Lorne

    Scan Complete Notice

    Hey ebloch, Thanks for the post. The information you are looking for is very accessible through the user interface. Even if it runs unattended you can simply click the "History" tab and up top in the drop down menus you can select "Scan History" as one of the options. Scan History displays the type of scans that took place, the date and time they took place, and the amount of objects scanned and how many were detected as being malicious. The elapsed can only be seen in the Scan completion window after the scan. This would be something we could add to the history in the case where your auto-run will close the windows afterwards. Regards, Lorne
  12. Hey dirofblue, Thanks for the report. We also do not officially support Malwarebytes, so there could be an issue using both anti-virus while streaming media content. You can always look in the Summary -> Detailed History to see what files are being scanned when high cpu is happening. That could indicate where you may need to add an exclusion. Anyways, I will email you when I have more information. Regards, Lorne
  13. Hey LimboSlam, Immunet will most likely not be adding any more official compatible programs to their list as we transition to being a free product with forum support only. That being said, if you need help adding exclusions for compatibility, email me at support@immunet.com and I can help you set those up. Regards, Lorne
  14. Hey LimboSlam, The quarantined files probably get cleaned out after so many days. We do not officially support Unchecky so there could very well be issues using both. Sometimes anti-virus programs will create temp files outside the anti-virus' own directory. It may be worth finding out where these files are made/stored so you exclude that region of data as well. Anyways, I hope everything is working for you now. Regards, Lorne
  15. Lorne


    I submitted this FP today. Thanks tmp & ritchie!
  16. Hey LimboSlam, I was able to install Adblock Plus 1.3 without any detections from Immunet. Can you restore the file being quarantined and send it to support@immunet.com? We can take a further look at it. Only exclude the file if you feel it is safe enough to do so. It may be possible that other anti-virus programs on your computer are creating a conflict. Regards, Lorne
  17. Hello, First, you can find Immunet system requirements here: http://www.immunet.com/plus/requirements/index.html Second, some of those errors look related. Could I get you to create a support diagnostics file that might give us some insight into what's going on? You can create one by doing the following: 1) Click Start -> All Programs -> Immunet 3.0 -> Support Diagnostics Tool. 2) A new file will be created on your desktop with a name like Immunet_Support_Tool_[date and timestamp].7z. 3) Please email this file to me at support@immunet.com Thanks, Lorne
  18. ritchie58, exa, As it stands, we currently have no date set for a UI update. We will release details at a later time as we get closer to end-of-life (June 2016). Sorry for being so vague, but we are currently focused on other projects and the Immunet user interface is not a priority for us at the moment. Regards, Lorne
  19. Hello, Your assumption is correct, it should continue to operate as the Free version would from now on. Since your instance of Immunet was most likely installed with a plus key, my only concern is that it may not receive updates properly as we push updates to our Free version in the future. Otherwise, It should work fine, you just won't have access to the Plus features like you had in the past. Regards, Lorne
  20. Hello exa, Immunet Free will continue to live long after Plus is no longer supported. I am not sure what you mean by your second question. We do not serve out keys for Immunet any longer. Regards, Lorne
  21. Hey janaka_a, Sorry for the delayed response. We are not planning on supporting Win 2012 at the moment. regards, Lorne
  22. Hey Mar, Yes unfortunately our Plus product is set for end-of-life. We have been meaning to update that interface to comply with this. regards, Lorne
  23. Hello Mar, Unfortunately, we are not currently planning to support any other languages and we only have a stable version in English. Sorry for the inconvenience. Regards, Lorne
  24. It is also worth noting that we do not currently officially support Windows 8.1 at the moment, and this issue may be resolved in the future.
  25. Hello, There is information about changing your action center settings here: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows7/how-does-action-center-check-for-problems Unfortunately, there are issues with Windows recognizing Immunet as anti-spyware and it will continue to give you messages unless you change the settings to do otherwise. The settings can be changed easily enough if you ever feel the need to re-apply these messages, or you can check action center manually from time to time. Regards, Lorne
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