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  1. I seem to have missed out on the second beta with the windows 2003 support? I see that this is the 'Immunet' consumer orientated release - I am keen to know when the 'FireAMP' 3.36 build will be available - I assume that they are very similar. Once this is made an official release, will the client computers receive the update automatically?
  2. I'm looking forward to the 3.6 release to try on our windows 2003 file server. David
  3. Hi, have just upgraded to 3.0.4. System seems to be running as normal for standard application use. I installed Libre Office and found that the system became slow to the point of being unusable. In task manger agent.exe was using between 2-20% with the remaining 80% being free - so its not a processor tie up, and ram / page file looked healthy too. The installation took much longer than I would have experienced under 3.0.2. (I know I can turn the scan on install feature off), and the time isn't so important, but it made my other applications (Internet Explorer) / Outlook run very slowly. Have any other users noticed this with 3.0.4? David
  4. Hi, To got my install to work with the proxy - I set my windows Inetinfo manually. netsh>winhttp netsh winhttp>show proxy Current WinHTTP proxy settings: Proxy Server(s) : http=;https= Bypass List : localhost;; (you may need to run the cmd as administrator), and there is a different procedure for XP. Once i set this and restarted the PC it was able to connect. David
  5. Hi, I too have not been able to identify where I can specify the http proxy, especially as the immunet site recommends a http proxy for LAN installs with a high number of client computers. There is a section in the freshclam.conf, which works for manually updating that, but has no effect on the rest of the immunet program (updates, community login, community notices). this must be a basic issue that many users have experienced, yet the forums / google searches a vague. David
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