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  1. Hi! I have begun using my pc through a proxy network. When I checked on Immunet to change the proxy settings, it says 'No Proxy Detected'. What do I do? Thanks a lot physkets
  2. Hi Ritchie Yep. Well, one of three supreme gods, actually. The parallel operability feature is the reason I'm using it. It is something you don't find everywhere. Isn't is a bad idea to let both your AVs be cloud based? physkets
  3. That was some interesting history. Thanks.
  4. Oh! I hadn't realised that Immunet 3.0 and Immunet 3 were different. Any particular reason as to why the community feature was removed? Looking at the details in the website, it seemed pretty interesting. Thanks
  5. Hi! I use Immunet 3.0 (Free). It has only the 'Computer' and 'Product' panes, with the community pane just a bar on top. Screenshots of Immunet Plus 3, that I've see on this forum and else where have a third pane which is the 'Community' pane. Does this come only with Immunet Plus 3.0? If not, how do I add people to my community? Thanks physkets
  6. Hi Jose! Ok, I do not have ClamAV or TETRA enabled. Now, irrespective of whether or not i am connected to the internet, the 'Immunet is connected to..' message is always shown (with 0 threats if I have just connected to the internet or woken the pc). So then what does that mean? p.s. i'm using Immunet3 (free) Thanks
  7. Hi, Well, I disconnected my PC from the internet and launched the GUI, to find nothng greyed out. So then it means that that isn't a measure. Thanks
  8. MSE has a feature of being able to select processes to exclude from being sscanned. When you select exclusions in Immunet, does that automatically apply? Thanks a lot!
  9. By cosmetic, do you mean that even when it says zero threats, it actually is already connected to the cloud? If so, is there any way I can determine at any point, if it is connected to the cloud? Thanks
  10. Hi, This is a little problem that I see, which does not always occur. If I ever put my computer to sleep (saves image to RAM) , and then wake it up and reconnect to the internet (it disconnects automatically when the pc is put to sleep), It takes a while for Immunet to start saying that it now protects, say x users from y threats (till then it'll say: Protecting x users from 0 threats). Sometimes, this takes too long or doesn't happen within a reasonable amount of time. Is there anything I can do to ensure connection with the cloud as soon as I connect to the internet? Also, what if I hibernate? (I cant check this out because I managed to destroy my windows' hibernatability while playing with my linux OS) Thanks a lot!
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