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  1. Is it compatible with Windows 10 v1511 or v1607 (Anniversary upgrade)?
  2. Nice to know that this project isn't dead. I awhile back moved to Panda Free Antivirus because it's been making tons of improvements to Windows 8.1/10 (ex: the UI and stability) for further reliability. So I hope the same is done with Immunet, especially continue support for XP SP3 and added support for Windows 10 (v1511, OS build v10586 would be a good start). Well I wish the best of luck to the develop team!
  3. Hey, sorry for the late reply. I was going to send the files to the support team (was busy), but now the quarantine files are no longer there? Why is that?? Anyways it was a probelm with Unchecky and Immunet both scanning Adblock Plus 1.3 before it was let through to install. Werid...... I thought be excluding Unchecky that there be no conflicts with Immunet?
  4. Hey you guys! Today I reinstalled Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer and it was working perfectly last time I had it, but now Immunet has classified it as Clam.Win.Trojan.Toopu-2 and the file path is: C\Users\Medina\AppData\Local\Temp\is-04VUN.tmp\adblockplusie-1.3-multilanguage-x64.msi. Actually there are multible detections for Clam.Win.Trojan.Toopu-2/Adblock Plus 1.3, but the file paths are different. I have already scan my pc with Immunet and Norton Power Eraser, even gave MSE a try, and have not found one virus, spyware/malware. What should I do?? I trust this program, so would it be safe to make an exception for it? Well I guess I'll wait for your answer.
  5. I agree, they need to update it. It's throwing me off and gets me wondering if they have discontinued this awesome AV. A announcement telling us there plans would be great to hear too.
  6. Yep this sounds great! Just make the on demand scanning in the cloud.
  7. Yeah I agree, if theres no more paid version then get rid of the ads for it. But if you do keep an ad, keep the ad that pops up on the side, it does give it a unique look.
  8. LimboSlam

    Cloud Firewall

    Agree, this definitely a good idea! Hope it comes soon in the next release!
  9. Ok, so I've been using Immunet for awhile and it's great! But, me and my bros were wondering if Immunet should be classified as anti-spyware protection too, could it be included in the action center under "spyware and unwanted software protection." It says on your features page (http://www.immunet.com/free/features/index.html) that it does cover it. Just want to know how true that is? Plus for some us who are stuck on Windows Vista (like me), Microsoft's Windows Defender is a bit buggy and no longer receiving support for it. They say it's "outdated and should not be trusted to give good protection in that area, use MSE to replace it." Well I don't want to use MSE, so we are asking if anti-spyware is included in Immunet, even though Windows won't show it.
  10. Great! This is why Immunet was not working for me awhile back. It was causing my firewall to disable itself and some very un-usually things that led me to think that Immunet was malware/vrius itself. But nice work on the update!!
  11. Hi! I'm new to this forum I have an old Dell Laptop with an platform x86, Windows Vista and only 202GB installed. I need to know if Immunet can give great protection and still be light on resources for my old-timer. Right now I have Kingsoft Antivirus 2012 running and it's awesome, but sadly it's been discontinued. So I was looked around and I found you guys. My new protection will consist of (if immunet is works out) Immunet as my AV and then Windows Defender for my AS, plus Unchecky and Malwarebytes Antimalware. My layered protection I guess. Ok well I hope this is enoght info for you guys!
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