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  1. Hi all. On a Win XP, svc pck3 PC, I attempted install of Immunet Install mostly completed, and reported "starting service . . ." Service never started, machine froze solid for 1/2 hr., when I decided to kill the power. On reboot, blue screen of death. Using TRK linux, located two immunet drivers in system32/drivers, and renamed. Booting is restored. Attempted to uninstall Immunet, but when the installer is unable to stop the service (presumably because it is not running in the first place), I am informed that stopping the service failed, and therefore the uninstall failed. Attempted to re-install, but I am cheerfully informed that the version of Immunet I am attempting to install is already installed (with an exclamation point!). I renamed the program files folder in meager attempt to fool the installer, to no avail. I assume I would need to dig around in the registry, which I really do not want to do. I really don't think a re-install is going to work anyway, since that defaults to starting the service as the last step, and that will just keep me in the same catch-22. I need a method of uninstall that will not be concerned with whether, or not, it is able to "stop the service." Any ideas greatly appreciated. Thanks, Eric Thompson
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