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  1. Hi Ritchie, The Cisco AMP for Endpoints looks very nice and I like the additional features it has. Do you have a contact that would sell it for home use? It looks like it would only be sold to businesses, but if you have more details, that would be great. Thanks, Ryan
  2. ryn0tech

    Feature Request

    Would be nice to have a feature where if an unknown executable is detected trying to run, that Immunet would halt the process and prompt you to allow once, allow permanently or block, default to block if you do not respond to the prompt after a couple minutes. Would be a good a good optional, additional layer or protection on top of the ETHOS and SPERO engines. I can see where this could become an issue with batch files, scripts, and and the like, possibly, but, that is what exclusions are for. I think this feature would be great, especially for ransomware protection.
  3. Now that Immunet Plus is no longer available, why is the banner ad for it still in the program? I wish the plus version was available still. To bad fireAMP is only for enterprise use also.
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