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  1. I sent the SDT right after posting this thread, same address. Sent again just now. Messing with stuff I was able to restore a couple of files, only those on the C drive. Those quarantined from other drives still produce the blue screen. Also, the only minidumps (bsod) I've had are from this software....since I reinstalled win7 fresh 1 year 3 months ago. Another thing is that I now have to uninstall/reinstall Immunet in order to do anything as it will say agent isn't online. I can only use Immunet until I reboot after installing; so after blue screening I can't do anything until I uninstall, reboot again and install. I think this might be a separate issue and aggravating to say the least.
  2. Hello, I just downloaded Immunet 3 to try it out and see what kind of results I would get and if there was anything malicious on my machine. I ended up doing a full scan and a few files ended up being quarantined. No threats though as I know these files and are from programs I use (false positives) along with some old backup files from long ago. However upon trying to restore the files my system blue screens. I even tried different files. I went to look into the quarantine folder, figuring I could just copy them back and add some exclusions, but looks like Immunet secures them with numbered extensions. How do I get my files back out of Quarantine as I don't want to keep blue screening my computer? Immunet 3 Free ( Windows 7 Pro 64-bit SP1 - English US No other AV software Happens right when I click the "Restore" button Looking at the minidumps, they say that the problem is caused with the NTFS.sys file and "RESOURCE_NOT_OWNED" Let me know if there is any other info necessary. Email sent with SDT report
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